Netizens rally to 'boycott Nadir Ali' after 'derogatory comments' about Priyanka, Ameesha

YouTuber's conversation with Moammar Rana has not gone down well with the audience

Entertainment Desk August 23, 2023

Renowned Pakistani actor Moammar Rana recently shared an anecdote about his encounter with global star Priyanka Chopra at an event. The respected veteran also openly expressed his admiration for Indian star Ameesha Patel whilst in conversation with host, Nadir Ali. The actor's remarks shed light on his interactions with these Bollywood personalities and his perspective on beauty.

Rana recounted a memorable incident during which he met the former Miss World at an event. The actor shared that he had held a crush on the global icon, but his perception of her took an unexpected turn after their encounter. Rana explained that while they were both seated at the event, he was initially oblivious to her identity. As he engaged in conversation with others, he noticed a woman sitting beside him.

Unaware of her celebrity status, Rana found himself adjusting his position repeatedly, unsure of where to sit comfortably. Eventually, the woman got up and left after a while. Intrigued, Rana inquired about her identity and was surprised to learn that it was none other than the global superstar. 

"I didn't know, we were sitting," began Rana, "And a woman came and sat on the side. We were talking amongst ourselves. I moved forward and backwards, wondering where I should go. She got up and left after a while. I inquired about who she was. The person I asked said, 'You didn't recognize her?!' I said no. Turns out, it was Priyanka Chopra that was seated. My whole crush on her - " The actor cut himself off, gesturing with his hands to convey the impact of the brief interaction on his crush for her, implying that his admiration had waned.

Ali, in his absurd efforts to be humourous, seemed to liken Chopra to "black salt," which elicited laughter from Rana. The legendary star responded by exclaiming, "To hell with you all," in a light-hearted tone.

Rana's conversation shifted to his admiration for the Gadar 2 star. "But the one who is genuinely beautiful," continued Rana. "That is Ameesha Patel." He openly expressed his perception of her genuine beauty, highlighting her facial features as a contributing factor. When questioned about what makes her beautiful, Rana pointed to his own face, indicating that facial attributes play a significant role in her charm.

The host slyly began teasing Rana, asking if there was something more to Patel's beauty. With a smirk on his face, the host sang Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho, with some latent double-meaning implied. This prompted Rana to nod in agreement. The song's lyrics questioned why people look at the face when love resides in the heart, while Ali pointed to his chest. This prompted laughter from both men, with Rana adding, "Shall I tell you everything?"

The interaction has upset many people on the internet. "It's high time we all should boycott Nadir Ali," wrote one internet user with the hashtag, 'Boycott Nadir Ali.' Another Instagram user questioned, "Can we ban this person Nadir on Instagram at least?" 

"Nothing, just two insecure man-children trying to feel good about their petty selves by making such derogatory comments about a woman way out of their league," read another comment by a disgruntled netizen.

Yet another comment read, "Nadir has some serious issues dude, and so does everyone going to his show." One internet user wrote, "This needs to stop! My apologies to Indian viewers! We are not a fan of [Ali] either! Pakistan celebrities should stop going to his stupid podcast!"

The YouTuber has been called out for his comments in the past on numerous occasions. A while back, he made headlines for his line of questioning regarding model Sunita Marshall's faith, for which he had to issue an apologetic statement. 

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