Twitter Alert: MQM’s maturity gets a thumbs up

"Fairly polished performance by Faisal Sabzwari but does the restraint mean MQM under pressure?"

August 30, 2011

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Faisal Sabzwari held a press conference in Karachi on Tuesday in response to one made earlier by former Sindh Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza, clearing allegations put against the MQM by the minister.

Local twitterati analysed the MQM’s response by tweeting about the statements Sabzwari made during the press conference, with general response being one of appreciating the calm demeanour of Sabzwari.


Saba_Imtiaz Good presser, MQM putting out the all-inclusive msg out there by mentioning Baloch and Pakhtun victims.

akchishti Mature reaction by #MQM.Second-tier FS's pc taking the lead shows that Rabbitta Committee considers this as 'not so important' issue.

sanabucha Mqm strikes back! Now scores will be settled via live news conferences! A new trend in party politics - catching on!

MadihaSattar Can't decide whether Sabzwari's painfully formal delivery or Zulfiqar Mirza's life story is more soporific

abbasnasir59 Fairly polished performance by Faisal Subzwari but does the restraint mean MQM under pressure?

javeednusrat Journalists asking 'questions' help establishing the restraint of Faisal Bhai.

faizanlakhani I would agree with MQM on at least their point about Shersha - Kabbari market killings.. ZM has never clarified that.

OmarWaraich Simultaneous Subzwari-Mirza press conferences. Who said the MQM and PPP are incapable of coordinating their efforts?

kursed MQM has no militants, no weapons, no target killers, no extortionists and certainly no terrorists. Pakistan's first clean party, sorry PTI.

mirza9 Instead of doing press conferences about karachi, maybe Zulfiqar Mirza can try rescue his drowning constituency. #floods #badin


sharjeel | 10 years ago | Reply

well,,,almost half of my earlier comment was deleted by the editor,,,dont know why because i didnt used any offensive language,,,,just told the fact that in 1990s altaf hussain issued a slogan "quaid ka jo ghadaar hai,,,woh maut ka haqdaar hai",,, and also what did altaf did to his own people muhajirs, who were suppoerters of afaq ahmed, who himself is a muhajir,,,,these are open facts no one can deny them,,,,,, and surprised that salman aurangiwala didnot replied to my last comment,,,,,, maybe he doesnt have an answere,,,

Faiz Ahmed | 10 years ago | Reply

@Sharjeel My Dearest Altaf Hussain is in London Hospital these days you will soon see him on screen and about his arrest sir Adam Thomson The British High Commissioner Categorically denied these allegations as baseless Mr Hussain is a free man

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