Family shields Naimal Khawar as fans come at her with knives out

Actor has been accused of getting facial surgery

Entertainment Desk June 19, 2023

Talented Pakistani actor, Naimal Khawar Abbasi, has recently become the subject of intense scrutiny and speculation by the public. Rumours have circulated that she has undergone facial surgery, sparking a heated debate among her followers.

While some individuals disapprove of any perceived alterations to her appearance, others remain supportive. In the midst of this controversy, Naimal's sister, Fiza Khawar, and her sister-in-law, Dr Fazeela Abbasi, have come forward to defend the star as well.

Speculation leads to trolling

Even though the actor has not been in the public eye in terms of acting projects, she has been active on social media. Naimal has been doing campaigns for many major brands, and she's been keeping her fans updated on her life through her social media posts.

It was due to some of the images and videos that Naimal and other brands shared that had fans speculating. Many believed that she was sporting a look that showcased an alleged facial surgery. "Naimal before and after is insane! I couldn't recognise her," wrote one Twitter user, sharing images of the alleged before and after.

Another tweep wrote, 'When you are naturally beautiful but you have a cosmetic dermatologist [sister-in-law] and you go against nature so that you look 'prettiest.' Naimal for you all!"

Support pours in


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However, there were those who stood up in support of Naimal. "Ladies, it’s 2023, we don’t diss or shame other women for Botox or plastic surgery. We support their right to do whatever they want with their bodies," wrote one Twitter user. "I'm extremely pro surgery and fillers. I think women should do whatever they want with their bodies and faces. Subscribing to the idea of natural beauty is a personal choice, not for men or society to dictate," penned another.

Family speaks up

Naimal herself responded to a comment that called her beautiful. The actor said, "Thank you. Wish more people could show kindness on social media." Fiza, Naimal's sister, also responded. She said, "The number of toxic and hateful comments made here by other women is sickening Just because someone is a public figure does not give you the right to be so horrible. All of you need to introspect [about] what's made your hearts so dark to be dragging another woman down like this. Practice some kindness, it will do good to all your souls."

Among all this, Naimal's aforementioned sister-in-law, Dr Fazeela released an official clarification from her business profile. It read, "Dr Fazeela Abbasi & DFA clinic is officially releasing the disclaimer for not performing any aesthetic or surgical procedure to address the recently arisen controversy regarding a particular surgery/procedure."

The statement continued, "This absurd criticism and speculation is unwarranted and totally uncalled for. It is really unfortunate and shocking how baseless and false assumptions are made and spread through social media to tarnish the image of people and invade their personal and professional lives."

In addition to this, actors from the industry flocked in to support Naimal as well. "You're as beautiful as your heart. Keep shining," wrote Maya Ali. Ghana Ali stated, "To be honest, she looks the same. There's nothing different about her. More power to you, beautiful!" Veteran actor Saba Faisal also commented on the matter, stating that beauty seems to be in Naimal's genes.

Zunaira Inam penned a note which stated, "It's possible to talk about the beauty industry and its standards without singling out and absolutely tearing apart individuals. I'm constantly shocked at the thoughts people allow themselves to type out publicly under others' posts. Please be kinder to people. The recent discourse all over social media has been nothing but brutal, mass bullying. You don't know what people are going through."

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