We live in fear: Amitabh Bachchan reflects on criticism and life as a 'creative'

The actor shared a vulnerable post, providing necessary insight

Entertainment Desk May 23, 2023

In a recent blog post, legendary Indian cinema veteran Amitabh Bachchan poured his heart out as he addressed the often misunderstood struggles faced by individuals in the creative industry. With deep emotion and personal insight, Bachchan highlighted the challenges that creative individuals encounter, shedding light on the misconceptions and criticism they endure without a full understanding of their journey.

Bachchan eloquently expressed his thoughts on the disheartening perception of being treated as a mere punching bag in the public eye. He noted the tendency of outsiders to easily place blame, attribute non-performance, and make unethical assumptions about the creative community. However, he emphasised that their challenges are seldom comprehended, particularly in the quest to bring creative visions to life.

The actor stated in the post: “But it is seldom understood what the ‘creatives’ go through in their quest to perform the creative. Most of the time created by someone else, who believes that you should be the person that shall justify it. Misery.” He further continued, saying, “They live on assumption. We live in fear. Our fear is not limited as assumed. It has many facets, which are unknown to the ones of many, but who to, and why waste valuable time in the discussion? Take it, and leave it. Get on to the creative.”

Bachchan's entry entered the realm of introspection about the wandering mind amidst an increasing workload. He reflected on the complex nature of creative work, where numerous factors come into play in the portrayal of characters and emotions that may be far from the artist's own reality. He pondered the difficulty of not being oneself while dedicating intense focus to becoming someone else, leading to a search for personal identity within the creative process.

“The issue really is that there are a million factors to every emotion that needs to be given attention in the characterisation of an individual that you are not. When we are not then how to not be not - a difficult proposition not just in our climes but in the entire universe.: to not be yourself, to be someone else, and the dedication is so intense that at times it becomes difficult to find out within ourselves, who we really are…" he said. 

Highlighting the intensity of creative expression, Bachchan drew a metaphorical comparison to darting off arrows at a target in a fairground game. He explored the concept of disagreement and the passion required to build antagonism, equating it to releasing an arrow or firing a bullet from a gun with a precise aim. “Often the one that disagrees is also a creative," he penned. "Imagine how much it takes to build antagonism - to get sufficiently consumed by it to be in a situation to dart it off at the speed of an arrow through the bow. Or, in greater terminology, the bullet through the barrel of the gun."

Continuing further, the star said, "Dart it off - used to understand the term better. The board of darts arrow like at fun fairs, for hitting the bull’s eye and winning that stuffed bear or animal of choice. Mostly a couple of balloons. Soft compensation for your aimed victory: a balloon."

Taking his thoughts further, Bachchan said, “The reality of life: much of what you aim and win is but a filled air balloon. In a while, it collapses and sinks if it has the ingredient that twirls in the air. The gas, which as we all know, wears away and the effect lost. In lost imagination, my wishes of pertinence and permanency and love.”

Through his candid and introspective words, Bachchan offered a glimpse into the inner world of creatives and his own thought process, shedding light on the intricate challenges they face and the intensity with which they pursue their craft. His poignant reflections serve as a reminder of the depth, dedication, and resilience required to create art that resonates with audiences around the world.


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