Twitter alert: Zulfiqar Mirza, not an ideal time for a press conference

"As we plan on stocking up on food and fuel, can't help thinking how Zulfiqar Mirza is our Hurricane Irene."

Ferya Ilyas August 28, 2011

KARACHI: Sindh Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza held a fiery press conference at the Karachi press club announcing his resignation from the government.

Local Twitterati expressed their opinion about the press conference, the accusations he made and its possible effects on Karachi's volatile situation.


Zulfiqar Mirza sb. This was certainly not the ideal time for all this as awam are eyeing celebrating eid


Major TV debate.. starts NOW... Major killing .. starts now ... all "political killers" will BLAME each other BUT Karachiites will DIE


Apart from some unnecessary personal/family details and praise for ISI-army, it was an effective & daring press conference #ZulfiqarMirza


Zulfiqar Mirza didnot leave his party members from criticism. Will Haider Abbas Rizvi do the same? Would Farooq Sattar have the guts?


I have no doubt that whatever Zulfiqar Mirza said in today's press conference was exactly what President Zardari wanted him to say.


Did Zulfiqar Mirza just openly accuse Rehman Malik of failing to protect BB?


Zulfiqar Mirza may be honest but there are more productive ways to expose gangsterism in #karachi. This is pure incitement.


Uglier times ahead in Karachi. Stay strong, folks.


I hope #Karachi doesn't burn in response to Zulfiqar Mirza's rant on telly... again.


What Zulfiqar Mirza broadcasted today will change Karachi forever :/


Was going to thank #zulfiqarmirza for saving Sun afternoon from boredeom of anticlimactic Irene. Then remembered round of killings to follow


Waiting for blasphemy fatwa on Zulfiqar Mirza for doing what he did to that Quran


ZM just called *one who should not be named* killer!


From Zero to Hero; one small step for Zulfi Mirza, one giant leap for politicians' credibility!


As we plan on stocking up on food and fuel, can't help thinking how Zulfiqar Mirza is our Irene :|

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BUSHRA | 11 years ago | Reply

zulfiqar mirza is sooooooooooooo great and brave person in the history of this country all pakistani loveeeeeeeeeee u

zahid shah | 11 years ago | Reply

if ppp members asking avery wear the reconsiliation then y they r not reconsiliat with thear oun peoples like shari rahman sufder & nahid abbasi shah mahmood qurashi zulifqar mirza raza rabani & many moor......... is reconsiliation for only mqm.

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