Niall Horan's ultimate beauty tips for men

Singer and former member of One Direction has a proper 22-step beauty regime

Entertainment Desk March 29, 2023

Niall Horan's appearance on the latest Vogue Beauty Secrets could be the most unexpected of all the celebrities featured on the popular channel. One could have never anticipated that the singer and former member of One Direction has a proper 22-step beauty regime.

Last month, Horan demonstrated how he maintains clear skin with a simple routine to his more than five million TikTok fans. With more than eight million views, it became so popular that Vogue asked him to elaborate and show us all of his go-to tools, skincare, and hair care products.

Let's take a look at the best beauty tips Horan has for men.

1. Clean and hydrated skin

"When I was younger, I didn't really care," Horan admitted. "I was a real boy about it. And just inconsistently use a cleanser and potentially maybe a moisturizer if I had one." The Night Changes singer then noted how important having a consistent skincare routine is for men. "Over the years as I've grown up, I went through a lot of breakouts through work, through being on planes all the time, wearing makeup a lot and taking it off every day. And so, it's important to keep clean, hydrated, and go through a routine. And as I head into my thirties, I'm trying to keep the baby face for as long as possible."

2. Keeping it all natural

The first step in his haircare routine is mousse. "This is where I get the big hair," he says." He then blows it dry with Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in the video. Moving on, Horan revealed he's been dyeing his hair blonde since he was 12 years old but is sticking to "natural Niall" now. "I don't know If I'll ever dye my hair blonde again. I went through that phase and started dying my hair since I was 12 and to keep it you need to redye every three or four weeks, sitting in a chair for hours and hours. I'm like, 'No,' and just sticking to being natural now."

3. Hana Emi Cryo Globes

"Once they get working, they just reduce the swelling out of your face," explained the boy band member, while showing two metal ice globes, which act as a great tool to stimulate nerves to exercise facial tissue. "Of all the things that I use, this is the most effective one. I think men are getting better at it, but there's a stigma associated with men who do skincare and take care of themselves. You gotta take care of your skin lads, you only got one skin. So, look after it," advised the Little Changes vocalist.

4. Sunblock is a game changer

Before concluding his skincare routine, Horan highlighted the importance of regularly using sunblock. He said, "I obviously didn't wear sunblock regularly before, and only when it was sunny but we don't realise that UV rays are coming from everywhere. I used to get red skin all the time, so it's a must for preventing damage to the skin."

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