Pakistan has highest seizures of narcotics in the world

Ppi June 26, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Narcotics Arbab Muhammad Zahir Khan has said that Pakistan has the highest seizures of narcotics in the world, which has also been appreciated by the international community.

“Pakistan has a small Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) with a total strength of just 2,400 men, yet its achievements are exemplary,” Khan said. “Pakistan has maintained the top two positions on account of morphine/heroin seizure in the world since 2003. Similarly, we have achieved the second and third position in opium seizure,” Khan said. “Pakistan’s conviction rate is 87.15 per cent and we have frozen narcotics worth 56.80 million rupees.”

Khan was speaking as the chief guest at a session organised on Saturday by the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (Pildat) in association with the ministry of narcotics control to mark the International Drugs Day.

“This day reminds us of our moral duty to save our near and dear ones from the curse of narcotic use” he said.

Khan said that Pakistan was right next door to Afghanistan, which had assumed the status of the major drug-producing country of the world. “At present, Afghanistan produces almost 90 per cent of the total opium in the world, and according to estimates, 30 per cent of the drugs are trafficked through Pakistan,” he said.

Speaking about the ministry’s initiatives to control narcotics use in Pakistan, he said that they had formulated a five-year drug abuse control master plan that provided a clear strategic roadmap. The new National Anti-Narcotics Policy 2010 is designed to meet new challenges and international obligations and will soon be placed before the Cabinet, he said.

Talking about narcotics trafficking from this region to Europe and beyond, Jeremy Douglas, representative of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), said that Pakistan was critically placed in international drug trade as it shared a 2,430km-long and porous border with Afghanistan as well as with two of the most populous countries in the world. “This means that law enforcement agencies face a two-fold challenge in interdiction – first, drugs exiting Afghanistan through Pakistan and second, precursors entering Afghanistan via Pakistan,” he said, adding that more Afghan opiates pass through Pakistan than from any other country bordering Afghanistan.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 27th, 2010.


baba jee | 11 years ago | Reply @ valarie kaul,... Actually my dear, its not the question of prevention for the biggest consumer of heroin and the money that pains the US more then the people who are useing the drugs. they fear that so much money is generated with the sale of these drugs that if they let this go on unchecked .. drug barons will one day be so strong financialy even more then the banks the crack down is esential . okay hope that will answer your question why not just legalise these drugs. once i read that the whole drug world has a capicity to produce 800 billon dollars of drug money a year ..and this amount is surely much more then the budgets of many countries of the world.
Imran Khaled | 11 years ago | Reply @ Bakowas.B, China is strong today because they kicked the British and Americans out out of their country. It is simple. Blaming is not a bad thing when one wants to know the criminal roots of an activity. If some one in New York gets murdered of course you Police is going to "blame" some one. Sidelining the negative role of western countries in developing countries is criminal. Those countries which are acquiring wealth on the misery of others have to be pointed out to the world. Whether they like this blaming or not is hardly the issue. United States has encouraged drug trade in Afghanistan for decades. Heroine has no medical value and can not be sold to pharmaceuticals and legal medical opium is already cheaply available on the markets so the pharmaceuticals do not have a need to go and buy expensive black market drugs. Besides more and more analgesics are being manufactured synthetically which is cheaper and more effective. For example the synthetic Fentanyl is upto one thousand times more powerful than opium and is cheaper to manufacture by machines. Money is being spent on youths but drug problem funded by western countries will never go away if they are not kicked out of the region. When British Raj used to grow opium in India and sold it in China they used to print such rubbish in their media too that China is not spending enough on its youths and is buying ammo. One can only learn about the ways and language of devil by listening to westerner interests and lobbies. I wonder if Iran and Russia legalize drugs and levy tax on it and allow safe passage for NATO opium of Afghanistan to EU, then your ideas will definitely change. Shame on you.
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