God forbid, we see someone having fun: Ahmed Ali Butt says Pakistan has become a toxic place

Recently, a 'fake' wedding at a Lahore varsity became all the rage after people started treating it like a threat

Entertainment Desk March 17, 2023
God forbid, we see someone having fun: Ahmed Ali Butt says Pakistan has become a toxic place

Recently, students from a Lahore varsity found a way to enjoy the pleasures of a desi wedding without the added pressure of relatives, dowry, and costly traditions. They organised an event for two seniors, who were chosen to play the role of a bride and groom, complete with elaborate bridal clothing, to have a grand, fake wedding. The unique event's video also went viral on Twitter, with many people voicing their thoughts on the kids’ creative choices.

Several, however, felt offended by the bunch having a ball. Some even questioned if this “fake” wedding would translate into an actual “nikah”. Actor Osman Khalid Butt was the first to debunk this suggestion. In a hilarious tweet, he wrote, “Oh my God! I spoke too soon… whole timeline is filled with debates on whether the LUMS students are actually married (?!) I’ve had nikah scenes in so many dramas. Sorry ladies, I guess I am your pati parmeshwar (husband) now.”

Now, actor Ahmed Ali Butt has something to say about the needless bullying and speculating over harmless, creative events. “Fact: Pakistan has become a toxic place where creativity is looked down upon, where festivals are banned, cinemas are shut down, parks are turned into plots, agricultural lands are being chopped into housing schemes, and God forbid, if we see someone having fun or enjoying,” he wrote.

The rapper and host lamented, “We are so filled with hate and envy that we celebrate someone’s downfall and get jealous of others success. This is 100% true.”

Many on Twitter also found the concept to be interesting and fun, but several had opposed it, claiming it promotes a "fake culture". A Twitter user even said the event was bizarre and it would be "weird for the person who would marry one of the participants in the future."

Earlier in February, students from the same varsity had celebrated "Bollywood Day" by dressing up as characters from Bollywood films.

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