Bribery and corruption: DPO threatens bus terminal heads, traffic police with legal action

Allegations of palm-greasing lead to the decision.

Express August 27, 2011
Bribery and corruption: DPO threatens bus terminal heads, traffic police with legal action


The Haripur District Police Officer (DPO) warned all bus terminals managers on Thursday that legal action would be taken against anyone attempting to bribe the traffic police. He announced this through a written order circulated among all terminal managers of Haripur District.

According to informed sources, local traffic policemen have allegedly been collecting monthly bribes from each bus terminal in return for leniency on matters such as overloading, overcharging and violation of traffic rules in Haripur. Each driver, according to sources, paid Rs 200 to 500 to his respective terminal manager, which in turn was paid to the traffic in charge, with the unlawful practice running for a number of years.

DPO Muhammad Ali Khan Gandapur called a meeting with traffic staff and asked them of changing their habits as well. He also issued written notices to over 30 terminal managers of different inter and intra city routes, asking them to stop if they were paying any monthly to local police and any manager found paying or any police personnel receiving would be taking to task and a criminal case under section 417/383 of the Pakistan Penal Code would be registered against him.

When approached for comment, the Police Headquarters Superintendent Najib Bhagvi confirmed the report, while adding that the decision was in line with efforts to improve performance and the reputation of police among the public. He said that this was a step forward in the march to eliminate the culture of corruption in the police department.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 27th, 2011.


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