Twitterati can't stop talking about first episode of ‘Sar-e-Rah'

After Rania's story, users are looking forward to the limited series

Entertainment Desk February 07, 2023

Saba Qamar returned to the small screen as a taxi driver, out and about to shatter stereotypes and fans are in awe! With just one episode out, the Ahmed Bhatti directorial is a fan-favourite and for some users, the single episode has achieved what even months-long soap operas cannot.

Sar-e-Rah has also received actor Amar Khan’s nod. Taking to Instagram, she posted a clip from the first episode starring Qamar and wrote, “In a season of some very average dramas overly praised and viewed, we actually have an outstanding drama after a very long time. I was stumped watching this.”

Praising the makers and Qamar’s acting, she added, “This scene of her changing how to carry a dupatta before going on a journey as a female taxi driver oozes so much that sometimes even thirty episodes fail to emote.”

Echoing Khan’s sentiment, social media users also took to Twitter to share their first thoughts about the show, which comprise positive comments and gets the audience hooked with just one episode aired.

“I am at a loss for words at describing the unmatched beauty of this thought-provoking work of art. While a majority of shows are incapable of leaving a profound impact upon me throughout their entirety, Sar-e-Rah has already managed to do it within one episode,” wrote a user.

Another felt hopeful about the direction the Pakistani TV industry is taking in 2023. “What an amazing episode. 2023 is off to a good start for Pakistani TV and I can't be happier. Saba Qamar is phenomenal at what she does. I liked how they didn't make her journey absolutely heavy to watch. There were bright and hopeful moments too,” read the tweet.

Fans also lauded Qamar for choosing the right kind of script and bringing the best out of her characters.

“Absolutely loving Saba Qamar in Sar-e-Rah. What a gifted actor she is and what a wonderful role she's playing. A female taxi driver who has just had it with society's stupid stereotypes” wrote a user who urged others to watch the show for Rania's (Qamar’s character) journey.

It seems like everyone is looking forward to how the story goes forward. “Sar-e-Rah is everything Pakistani TV needed at this point! What a mind-blowing and heart-touching 1st episode. So so excited for the other four characters and their journeys!”

For this user, the show ticked all boxes. It was “heartfelt, progressive, inspiring and enlightening,” all at the same time. “Based upon the first episode, Sar-e-Rah has the potential of becoming a timeless masterpiece. Women empowerment being addressed in the most refreshing way possible, what more can our society need in this day and age?” they tweeted.

For another user, Sar-e-Rah “quenched the thirst for literary entertainment” with its “unique plot, simplistic direction, social issues addressed authentically and of course the Queen Saba Qamar.”

Sar-e-Rah, an eight-episode limited series, sees Qamar, Hareem Farooq, Saboor Aly, Muneeb Butt and Sunita Marshall in pivotal roles. Each episode is based on a different character’s storyline and aims to highlight social issues and how people continue to fight taboos to survive.


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