Aid worker: Police denies reports of American’s recovery

Khushab police officials say they did not know anything about Weinstein’s recovery.

Express August 26, 2011
Aid worker: Police denies reports of American’s recovery


The Lahore police on Thursday denied reports of the recovery of Dr Warren Weinstein, a 70-plus aid worker who was abducted from his Model Town residence a few days ago.

A handout quoted CCPO Lahore Ahmad Raza Tahir as saying that news reports about the recovery of Weinstein were baseless. He said that the Khushab police had been contacted to verify the reports, but they said they did not know anything regarding the matter.

Investigators had earlier claimed that Lahore police had taken five people into protective custody, while two more men were later detained for questioning. They, however, said that the police still have no clue about the case. The detained men included three guards, one driver and a guard who had earlier served Weinstein while two others were the guards’ guests.

SSP Investigation Abdul Razzaque Chema told The Express Tribune that they were without any leads. Contradicting reports about the arrest of the main suspect in the case, he said that they were still investigating and treating the case as a blind murder.

SP Investigation Model Town Shoaib Khurram said that despite a thorough investigation, phone records had not yielded any clue in the case. He added that the police had no further information about the suspect whose sketch was released a few days ago.

On the other hand, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah confirmed the recovery of the US citizen. While talking to a news channel, he said that 12 people involved in the case have been detained so far.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 26th, 2011.


Sani | 12 years ago | Reply

goggi, There are a lot of bitter facts about other countries of the world. Most of them more bitter than Pakistan. Instead of blaming Pakistan for everything, you should discuss the evils in the world in general. There are as many social evils in India as in Pakistan. I have had several discussions with my Indian friends and they admit that. Most of them very loudly believe India to be more corrupt than Pakistan. They have visited Pakistan and were amazed to see the standard of living here. All of them were educated people from good families and having a good job.

Jim | 12 years ago | Reply

Glad to see some people at least recognize that Pakistan has become the Republic of Hate. People like @sani will never get their head out of their backsides, constantly looking for excuses, blaming others, and seeking moral equivocation. Sure @sani, such incidents happen in India and U.S and many other countries, but there is a due process which kicks in and the guilty are usually punished, even if it takes time. In your country, the establish promotes hate; Guilt is a default status. Speaking to this case, it would seem that Weinstein was rescued but your ISI geniuses have put a lid on it hoping to extract a few more crumbs from the U.S Good luck. You country is such a shining example of good behavior.

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