5 Karachi eateries that offer the best ‘halwa puri’

Satiate your savoury and sweet cravings with a hot serving of 'halwa puri'

Entertainment Desk December 10, 2022

Hot, spicy and sweet – the traditional Pakistani dish halwa puri has it all! From the fluffy textured puri sizzling at your table to the tangy flavour of the cholay and the sweetness of the halwa melting in the mouth, the popular breakfast will always leave people craving for more.

Luckily, when it comes to Karachi, the city is packed with places where you can get your hands on the mouthwatering deep-fried dish. Here is a lowdown of five eateries where you can get the finest halwa puri in K-town.

1. Dilpasand

As the name suggests, Dilpasand is where one can find the most soulful and hearty food. The eatery serves the best halwa puri, which not only makes our stomachs full but our hearts too! Although the restaurant has many branches spread across Karachi, its standard remains top-notch. The best part? Despite the massive lines outside each branch, you won't have to wait long for your food since its all prepared fresh and delivered immediately to your table.


Tooso is located in the center of Bahadurabad and has its own charm and historic presence. Since its establishment in 1976, the restaurant's menu has evolved greatly. Sandwiches, burgers, and steaks are just some of the many options available. But if you visit first thing in the morning, you can smell the fried puris and halwa cooking. Breakfast at Tooso is so delicious that every morning, the eatery is brimming with life.

3. Dera

One of the greatest spots to have a traditional Pakistani breakfast in Karachi is Boat Basin, a prominent food strip in the city. They serve only the finest traditional dishes, from chicken cheese paratha and qeema paratha to halwa puri which will make your belly grumble.

4. Dhamthal Sweets & Bakers

The name Dhamthal is inspired by a scenic town near Narowal, Punjab. They offer halwa puri fried in the true desi way: using ghee, which results in richer flavours and a more aromatic product. This makes Dhamthal Sweets & Bakers one of the most popular spots in all of Karachi for halwa puri.

5. United King

United King North Nazimabad, one of Karachi's oldest bakeries, is home to the city's finest halwa puri. The eatery is well-liked by locals since they not only provide halwa puri for takeout but also deliver puris straight to your door. Craving some halwa puri on a lazy Sunday? Pick up your phone and dial their number for a fresh serving at your doorstep!

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