Dil Ka Rishta: Not your typical dating app

Dil Ka Rishta reaches a new milestone with 30,000 matches and over 100,000 new users within two weeks of its launch

Dil Ka Rishta
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The recently launched Dil Ka Rishta (DKR) matrimonial app has revolutionised the idea of finding soul mates in Pakistan. In the fast-paced world, dating apps are commonplace, but not reliable. Swiping right and left may give you a chance to meet new people, but there's no guarantee about them not being the next tinder swindler.

DKR on the other hand has already helped match 30,000 people with compatible life partners in just under a month! But why trust any other app after experiencing so many failures to find the 'right one' when DKR is here to help your love life sizzle.



Unlike other dating apps, where people use the introductory system to connect with unverified strangers over the internet to arrange dates, the secure Dil Ka Rishta platform ensures people connect with other like-minded singles.

The app focuses on protecting safe matchmaking for women. It is created carefully to meet the cultural and traditional values of our society. So when you find the right match, telling the parents won't be a dreadful task! Every person on the app is serious about getting married rather than wasting time.



DKR is Reliable

People won’t even have to worry about fake photos impersonating others. All profiles are personally verified by an onfield team who tallies the provided information with the user's CNIC via a phone call. The second layer of safety is then added with ground verification.

If there’s any suspicion regarding inaccurate information or fake profiles, DKR blocks the user right away. You’ll also not have to worry about meeting people to end up being disappointed because they hid the fact that they were or still are married. A problem that is widespread with popular dating apps where over 30% of users are married.



DKR assures healthy matches

Most users of hookup dating apps report relationships not lasting longer than a month. There are little to no safety measures on such platforms and putting personal information and image can be risky in a world where screenshots and data hacks are common.

Many people use fake biographies to catfish other users and solicit personal information to commit fraud. DKR understands all the concerns and beyond ensuring no fake profiles are listed on the platform, the app doesn’t allow taking screenshots, making it one of the safest apps on the internet. That's why Dil Ka Rishta is expected to cross one million verified users in the next few weeks.

Dil Ka Rishta has made its mark by making matching a pleasant experience for all those seeking a long-term relationship while successfully mitigating the stigma and doubts surrounding matrimonial apps. In fact, it's one of the only apps that has emerged as the only Pakistani platform with thousands of 100% verified profiles that cater to all your ‘rishta’ requirements.

The search for your soul mate has never been easier thanks to Dil Ka Rishta - a super safe matrimonial app that makes rishta hunt easier for all.



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