Five dumpling places to try in Karachi

With a choice of dips for spicy or savoury, and fillings of all kinds, there’s one for every taste bud

Entertainment Desk October 08, 2022

For those who’ve tried dumplings in any shape or form around the world, you know you're always craving more. And if you haven’t got your hands on the delicacy, it’s going to change your taste buds for the better. Filled with meat, vegetables, seafood and spices, the variety of dips is what makes the outer coating even more flavourful. There’s one for every taste bud, Sichuan if you like to spice things up a bit and tomato soy sauce if you prefer a tangy side.

However, since it's a relatively new cuisine on Pakistan’s menu, not everybody does it right — but there’s no need to experiment anymore. For the comfort of not just your stomach but also your soul, here are six places you can order or have the best dumplings from in Karachi.

1. Sai’s Pantry

Open for deliveries and dine-in and takeaways, this homemade dumpling-only venture began on a very small scale. However, it also has raving reviews from customers. With a variety of chicken, beef and vegetable fillings, Sai’s Pantry has the softest dumplings available — ones that melt in your mouth as they go and the spice level is balanced so perfectly, it hits the spot just right.

Another great thing about the eatery is that it only offers ready-to-eat dumplings but you can also get frozen ones to treat your family or save for cravings when you need them. The frozen ones come with instructions to steam them and dip to go!

2. Mariyah’s Den


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While Mariyah’s Den offers so much more than just dumplings, it is now known specifically for them. From prawns to mushrooms to chicken and more, the filling varieties are endless. They even have vegan dumplings! Although a small eatery, Mariyah's Den is cosy and oozes comfort with its interior. Nobody does it like them in all of K-town.

Paired with sesame seeds, chilli oil, hot mango sauce, soy and vinegar sauce and their special soupy and spicy aromatic oil, the flavours are balanced in the most unique ways. A plate of nine dumplings is priced at around Rs. 1000 and it's filling enough to count as a whole meal. The cherry on top, you ask? They even have dessert dumplings!

3. Chop Chop Wok


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Calling on to all spice lovers, this one is for you! Chop Chop Wok’s Sichuan dumplings are hands-down the spiciest dumplings in the city. Their fiery hot Sichuan dumplings are a must-have if you love the Asian delicacy with a desi tarka on the side. What more do you need?

4. Firefly


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Firefly has a unique way to attract its dumpling lovers. While most eateries have dumplings in their traditional shape, this one delicately designs them as boats that carry the weight of the overloaded flavour and amazing texture. Steamed to perfection with chicken filling smothered in Sichuan sauce, they’re definitely an experience worth having. However, the size is smaller than the rest of the places in its competition.

5. Shanghai Social

After Mariyah’s Den, if there’s a place that can nail prawn dumplings, it's Shanghai Social. For seafood lovers, these dumplings have a rather crispy exterior with a massive dip of Sichuan sauce. If you like both prawns, dumplings and a savoury tangy spice, then this is the absolute treat for you.


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