Karachi unrest: Don’t deploy army, says Asma

Urges all politicians to visit Karachi and find a solution to the problem together.

Express August 24, 2011


A military operation in Karachi is not the right way to restore peace, Asma Jahangir, the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president, said on Tuesday.

She told a press conference on Tuesday that if the police and rangers were backed, the law and order situation in the city could be controlled.

She said that if army was called, the jurisdiction of courts would be compromised and fundamental rights of citizens would be lost. She said summoning the army was not a solution to the problem.

She alleged that the Muttahida Qaumi Movement and other political parties were behind Karachi’s violence. She urged leaders of all parties to visit Karachi and find a solution to the problem together. She said instead of encouraging divisions on the basis of language, politicians should work to end hatred.

She said politicians demanding a military operation in Karachi should not forget that by doing so military-courts will be established in Hyderabad. She said the legal fraternity will oppose such a development.

She condemned the demands by various quarters for deployment of army in Karachi saying, “Has the military operation been successful in restoring peace in Balochistan?”

She clarified media reports about her earlier statement at the Sindh High Court Bar saying that she had not talked about a long march.

She said that a Centre of Excellence for lawyers will be built in Islamabad at an estimated cost of Rs2 billion. A meeting of the Supreme Court Bar Association’s executive committee had been convened to invite tenders for this, she said.

She said that the SCBA will host a conference, Justice for All, Imparity for None, in Lahore on September 9-11. The chief justice of Pakistan will be the chief guest, she said.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 24th, 2011.


Jameela | 12 years ago | Reply

Read my lips: People are dying, slaughtered and tortured. There is a genocide going on - the criminals can go into hiding, take a break and the come out again and again with a fresh killing spree. These criminals are turning Karachi into the killing fields. It is the people,s right to demand protection of their lives and only Army can provide that with honesty and without any games. The people will welcome the Army with open arms!!!

Ray | 12 years ago | Reply

Is this woman for real?

Fundamental right...right to life, liberty and freedom...protection of Life...trumps all others first. Hard to believe she could lead the human rights group in the past!


I'm learning why the poor Pakistani citizens have so little chance with these leaders and I use the term leaders very loosely.

Maybe Pakistan needs fresh blood ...possibly expat technocrats and intellectuals from outside the country to clean up this mess. Leaders like Asma make you think...we can't go any lower.

My two cents

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