‘Long Live’ Imran Khan: PTI celebrates Kaptaan’s birthday in Taylor Swift fashion

The 'Taylorfication' of the political party was not something Twitterati saw coming!

Entertainment Desk October 05, 2022

Who knew Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf (PTI) social media team members are die-hard Swifties at heart? Former prime minister Imran Khan turned 70 today and his political party had a unique way to pay tribute to his long-lasting political legacy.

On Tuesday, PTI, from its official Twitter account, posted a video with the caption, “Tribute to Imran Khan on his 70th Birthday. The legend!” with a hashtag that read ‘Happy Birthday Imran Khan.’

What’s surprising for fans though is the song they chose for the background — and how it somehow goes with the visuals. Pairing Khan’s speeches from jalsas and his time in power with Taylor Swift’s Long Live, the political party definitely left many amused.

“The Taylorification of PTI is not how I imagined 2022 to be,” wrote a user and many agree.

“NEVER in a million years would I have expected a Taylor swift song in the background.”

Others bet people can’t guess what song will be played once the video starts. It shocked them, even more, when they realised it was not a fan edit, but an official video.

However, the video did more good than bad, it seems. Swift’s fans’ said they’ll now vote for Khan since he’s a swiftie too.

This user needs more of such edits with Swift's songs. 

A user commented on how Long Live was written 12 years ago and at that time, the All Too Well singer didn’t even think it’d be a hit, and yet 12 years later, a Pakistani political party is using it in a birthday tribute video.

Tagging Swift, some want her to comment on how it makes her feel.

While some enjoyed it, the video was a major “cringe” for others.



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