Karachi unrest: Baloch insurgents present in Lyari, PM told

Rangers promises peace in 15 days in return for ‘free hand’.

Express August 23, 2011
Karachi unrest: Baloch insurgents present in Lyari, PM told


Law-enforcement agencies have revealed that terrorists from an outlawed Baloch insurgent group are present in the troubled Lyari neighbourhood of Karachi and stoking the ongoing violence in the city.

According to sources, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani was told in a briefing on Monday that the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) – which is behind the Balochistan insurgency – has been promised a safe haven in Lyari by ‘some quarters’.

Officials from spy agencies, paramilitary Rangers and police briefed the prime minister on the unabated violence in the financial capital of the country.

Sources quoted the acting director-general of Sindh Rangers as telling the prime minister that his paramilitary force could control the situation within two weeks, if given ‘free hand’ by the political authorities. He sought powers to chase the terrorists and target killers even if they take shelter in the offices of any political or religious party.

The Rangers chief held out a firm assurance that his force could restore peace in the violence-plagued city with the help of police, if given full powers.

However, he added that planning of all operations should be the sole prerogative of his forces.

Officials of the intelligence agencies told the prime minister that they have gathered information about all ‘no-go’ areas in the city. On the basis of this classified data, they said, an operation could be launched against miscreants in the city.

Sources said that the Sindh police chief stood out during the briefing
due to his ‘non-serious attitude’. When asked to brief the meeting on the Karachi situation, he presented a long list of demands to the prime minister. His demands included more armoured and bulletproof vehicles and weapons.

The meeting took notice of the IG police’s ‘non-serious attitude’.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 23rd, 2011.


Zulfi | 12 years ago | Reply

@hamza Khan - yes we all know that. May God rest his soul in heaven. Ayub Khan was a great courages, no nonsense General and he made India behave. By the way take out your mask, you are an Indian! @incredible - Yes, indeed, RAW is very busy plotting against Pakistan and that is their main goal . . . while Pak Army is good at exposing them!!! @My name is Khan - Do not be shocked. You will see more recommendations. Inspite of all the adversites, uglies and curves that India throws at Pakistan, Pakistan always comes out with miracles in the end by the Grace of God Almighty!! Pakistan is a Miracle Country! Pakistan Zindabad!!

KSU | 12 years ago | Reply

@nourooz baluch Why bring Punjab into this? Punjab is not involved so sort out your mess in Karachi without dragging them into it. All the so called "ethnos" from "small provinces" are represented in the killing fields. Saraiki, Punjabi and people from AJK and Gilgit Baltistan are not involved in your mess. Your provincial and local governments are involved. Stand up and demand that they sort out this mess. Even if people from Punjab raise the issue they do so because they are concerned for their brothers rather than finger pointing. Can you comprehend that in your hate infested mind? You obsessed with Punjabis instead I would advise you to get a life. Sort out your problems in Karachi and let the other provinces alone. Don't bring up irrelevant issues just because you are frustrated.Show more maturity. By the way Mr. naurooz there are more Baluch in Punjab than in your province and yes some of them have been involved in abuse of women.

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