WATCH: Old mosque emerges from underwater in India

Mosque was submerged in water of Phulwaria Dam in Bihar’s Nawada district three decades ago

News Desk September 07, 2022
Noori Masjid was submerged after the Phulwaria Dam was built in 1985. SCREENGRAB

A mosque that was submerged three decades ago emerged after the effect of drought in the water of Phulwaria Dam in Indian state of Bihar’s Nawada district, Kashmir Media Service reported on Wednesday.

A submerged mosque in Chiraila village of Rajauli block has emerged following the drying up of water in the southern end of the dam reservoir.

People recall the name of the mosque as Noori Masjid which was submerged after the Phulwaria Dam was built in 1985. The height of the mosque from the ground to the upper dome is about 30 feet.

According to the report, the emergence of the mosque has created curiosity among the local people and many youths were seen thronging the place at the sight of the mosque.

They had always seen the water area in the reservoir and were quite surprised to see a mosque there. Many youths were seen rushing towards the mosque wading through the mud and slush reaching the parapet of the old structure.

There were many who got inside the mosque but were surprised to find the building was completely intact. This was the most fascinating part of the mosque that even after remaining submerged for decades there is not even the slightest damage to the structure.

Earlier, when the water level used to decrease, only a part of the dome of the mosque was visible and people were unable to place what it was all about. Now they see the mosque out in the open when the earth is completely dry their curiosity is at rest.

The background of this submerged mosque is that it existed before the work on the construction of the Phulwaria Dam started in 1979.

The mosque was left untouched even after the construction of the dam was completed. The water reservoir of the dam completely submerged the entire place including the mosque.

Many say that this mosque was built sometime in the early 20th century, and at best could be about 120 years old. Such a conclusion is drawn after seeing the architecture of the dome of the mosque which is much sharper in looks and improvement on domes built during the time of the latter Mughals.


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