Balochistan Assembly: Absence of lawmakers delays resolutions

Devolved ministries and health bill could not be passed.

Express August 23, 2011


A mere ten out of 65 legislators attended the Balochistan Assembly session on Monday, compelling the deputy speaker to adjourn the proceedings which lasted less than five minutes.

The scheduled session was to approve a resolution pertaining to the 18th amendment, through which the provincial government could obtain power over ministries devolved to the provinces. The absenteeism also meant that the Balochistan Essential Health Service (Code of Conduct) Bill 2011 could not be passed. The bill seeks to put a check on frequent strikes by health professionals as well as prevent them from private practice while in public service.

Minister for Mines and Minerals Abdul Rehman Mengal drew attention to the empty seats, stating, “Despite the frequent requests and appeals to absentees for the past three years, lawmakers have failed to ensure their presence. The lawmakers are least interested in the proceedings.”

Out of the 65 members of the Balochistan Assembly, 50 are ministers. With the exception of sole Opposition member (and leader) Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind, all members back the provincial government. Rind himself has never attended a session besides the one in which he took oath.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 23rd, 2011.


SKChadha | 12 years ago | Reply

Don’t know about others but guess where Mr. Raisani was :-)))

A J Khan | 12 years ago | Reply

The reinforcement of failure and come back of corrupt bureaucracy on the shoulders of politicians have raised lot of questions about the democratic credentials and intentions of the elected members of the provincial assembly. Since day one they have been stupefied by the civil service. The nexus between the two will help in gulping more public wealth. All their actions are for strengthening bureaucracy rather than the democratic institution. The two immediate actions regarding Police and Health are against the Public interest. How come the Postings of Police can be better handled by Home Secretary than the IG himself. IG Police will have the responsibility and Home Secretary the Privileges. Going to health department. A Madrissa Qualified Molvie with MA Urdu bureaucrat will manage one of the most developed faculty of sciences and health services. As per the new law tabled, the doctors will be jailed and thrown out of service at the whims of the Molvies and Bureaucrats. What could be a more dictatorial dispensation than the Nexus of Bureaucrats and Politicians. If people have to live a life under corrupt bureaucracy and dim-witted politicians, its better to have military dictatorship than the bureaucrats/politicians nexus of corruption.

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