Healthcare facility inundated

Patients forced to walk through standing water to reach OPD

Tahir Irshad August 28, 2022
The OPD at the Sargodha District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital wears a deserted look due to a strike. Photo: Express


Patients visiting Pind Dadan Khan Primary Health Center located in Shawwal village are facing difficulty as the healthcare facility is submerged in water due to recent rain spells and lack of drainage system.

Pind Dadan Khan City and its suburbs are experiencing torrential rains due to which the only healthcare facility in the village is flooded. Incoming patients are forced to walk through standing water to reach the OPD (Outpatient Department), which is causing difficulties for sick patients, particularly women and children.

Medical experts said that fear of water-borne diseases also prevails.

Heavy rainfall in Shawwal has also increased the flow of mountain water, leading to flooding in streets and roadways such that the water even entered residential areas. Similarly, stagnant water has also severely affected the traffic flow in the area.

Unfortunately, the local administration is yet to take measures for drainage despite repeated complaints. As a result, the locals suffer every time it rains. The farmers of the village also suffered substantial financial loss as their property and livestock were washed away due to heavy rainfall and fast-flowing water from the mountains.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 28th, 2022.