Feroze is a sweetheart: Hania Aamir sings praises for 'Ishqiya' co-star

Actor, while lauding the 'Khaani' star, said Khan might consider himself tough but is actually really naive

Entertainment Desk August 26, 2022

Actor Hania Aamir is all praises for her Ishqiya co-star Feroze Khan. Calling him gullible and a little naive as he brings forth a tough image for the audience, the Parde Mein Rehne Do actor divulged why Khan is a sweetheart in real life and it’s rather adorable to see Khan think the same of her.

Recently, Khan retweeted a clip taken from Aamir’s Fuchsia interview where she spoke about her co-stars, Ahad Raza Mir and the Habs star. The host posed a situation of saving the Earth and asked which actor would fall for the scheme. “Ahad can change the world but he isn’t gullible. Feroze is,” said the Mere Humsafar actor in the 20-second-clip which went viral on social media.

“Feroze is a sweetheart. And you know, if he respects you, he’s such a sweet human being. He definitely is that macho man in his own head, but he’s very naive in my opinion. If you like him or if you’re good friends with him or if he respects you and so on, he’ll listen and agree to any advice you give him. If he respects you a lot and you’ve sold the idea of saving the Earth to him, he’ll believe you,” she added, laughing.

Returning the rather humourous but kind compliments, the flattered Aye Musht-e-Khaak actor wrote, “She’s a sweetheart as well."

The duo played the role of a married couple in the 2020 romance drama Ishqiya and has been one of a favourite onscreen pair ever since.

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