Color Studio Professional: Of painted nails and vibrant colours

Color Studio Professional comes to Karachi.

Saadia Qamar August 22, 2011


Canadian brand Color Studio Professional was introduced in Karachi on Sunday evening, at the Park Towers mall. Ozair Mateen, the man who has brought the brand to Pakistan, organised a soft launch where he showcased the collection of nail polishes, which will now be available in many superstores around the city such as Agha’s and Naheed.

With a variety of 33 colours to choose from, the brand which was originally introduced in Canada in August 2010, has shades ranging from pastels to metallics. The price of each nail polish is Rs250 and Mateen insists that, “Other brands in the market are more expensive than this collection.”

When asked about the uniqueness and differentiation of these nail polishes to other brands prevailing in the market, Mateen reveals, “Many nail polishes contain an ingredient called Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) which is not good for people as it can cause several diseases from cancer related illness to affecting the health of pregnant mothers. Hence we have completely eliminated this component from our range of nail polishes.”

Twenty-three-year-old Sahar Khan, who was admiring the nail polishes at the stall, excitedly said, “I don’t think the colours are vague, it is a pretty nice collection. I would definitely go for the colours in the metallic range!”

Mateen is hoping to gain the support of Pakistan’s fashion industry so that this brand is accepted in the country. “I am currently supplying my products to make-up artists and salon owners, I want them to try out the collection and introduce it to their clients.” He also intends to bring the entire range of cosmetics for lips, eyes and face to Pakistan by the end of this year.

Mateen intends to market these products online and sell them to customers in North America, a venture he plans to start next month. Additionally, Mateen plans to inaugurate his first store in the Middle East by the first quarter of 2012.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 23rd, 2011.