Mother kills 4 children, herself

A poverty stricken woman killed four of her own children, three daughters and a son, and then herself on Friday.

Express June 25, 2010

A woman killed her four children before committing suicide on Friday, reportedly as a result of not getting along with her in-laws.

Munaza, 40, a nurse by profession and employed at the Social Security Hospital, called her husband Riaz, a police constable who also owns a cable service, in the morning when he was on duty. According to Riaz, Munaza was crying as she told him that she had injected their four children – three girls aged nine, six and four, and a three-year-old son – with poison and was about to inject herself as well.

Riaz rushed back home and took them all to the nearby Itifaq Hospital where the children were pronounced dead on arrival and Munaza as being critically unwell. She was then shifted to Lahore General Hospital where she died after seven hours.

The autopsies were conducted at Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.

Riaz said that his wife was crying on the phone, saying that she could not bear to see her children mistreated by his five brothers and their wives, with whom the couple shared the three-storey house in Gulbahar Colony.

Apparently, Munaza had for a while wanted to move to a separate house, alleging mistreatment of her children. Riaz said that he had told her a day before that he was looking for another house.

Munaza’s sister Razia said that she had tried to kill herself earlier as well, for the same reasons.

The two families also exchanged harsh words at the hospital though Munaza’s family maintained that she had a good relationship with her husband.

The two had married of their own will.

The Liaqatabad Police Station said that they would file an FIR against Munaza for suicide and the murder of her children.

This article has been revised to reflect the following update:

Update: June 26, 2010

The detailed story published in The Express Tribune has replaced the initial report held within this post.

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shabana | 10 years ago | Reply | Recommend this is so sad. how can someone blame the mother? she was surely in a depressive state of mind. Noone can actually say what feelings hopelessness and depression can cause in a human being. This poor mother. I feel, that she didnt know a way out of her situation. Maybe from the outside no situation would actually justify wat the mother did. But this is not a question of justifiction but only a very lonely person who didnt know better. I think its better that the woman also died. If she had would she have go on ...? With the fact that she killed her 4 children. Poor children. Poor woman. Weak husband.
hasan javeid | 10 years ago | Reply | Recommend it is very sad (YA ELLAHI KARAM KAR)
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