God hates us all

Religion brings great gifts to society; or at least it used to until it became a tool for the politically motivated

Zorain Nizamani June 29, 2022
The writer is a lawyer based in Karachi


If the title of my instant opinion gave you a rush of blood or a fit of rage then you are a part of the problem. Considering all the atrocities we have committed and continue to commit — homicide, child marriages, pedophilia, marital rape — it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that God hates us all.

Our state, its rulers and its citizens are all guilty for what is happening across the country. Household factories are producing fake medicines, slaughter houses supplying hormone-injected meat and fruit vendors spraying colours on fruits to increase their allure.

Let’s ignore these ‘petty’ crimes and talk about corporate crimes — the ones that really matter. Money laundering at the hands of the elite, embezzlement of tax payers’ funds into offshore accounts, selling off state assets at cheap prices for personal gains. You name it, we have it. You merely think of it, we’ve done it.

What’s ironic is that we undertake these sins and then repent. Put this mantra on repeat and you’ve got one of us.

But what’s worse is that we’ve become so used to committing such illegalities that it just seems normal now. We have been completely desensitised. Every day, we are compelled to live our shattered lives, seeking comfort in God, knowing he has a plan. Ever wonder why many of our prayers go un-answered? It’s because our conscience is dead. We’re all busy making money, duping others and spitting lies. And don’t even pick yourself out saying ‘I do none of that’ because if you don’t, then you’re probably a sage, or dead, or both.

What’s worse is the rise of pure hypocrisy. Striving for peace through acts of war. Decreasing funding towards education and increasing funding towards making of bombs. In a month, we will be sacrificing animals in the name of God while the poor will continue to sleep hungry at night.

God hates us all, you know why? Because God is all about simplicity and humility. Not whatever we’re doing. Definitely not what’s going on in the Parliament or in our institutions.

I am no cleric or saint, I am not even half as good as most of you but coming from the mind of an inexperienced simpleton, I can reasonably and safely say that we aren’t doing any good. We are deceitful, mendacious and selfish beings (dare I say humans) who are passing each day with zero empathy, zero tolerance and zero kindness, hiding behind the curtain of righteousness and religion.

Be known that in no way am I criticising the institution of religion or its offshoots. That would be unwarranted and unwelcomed in our society. What I am putting forth is that we tend to misuse religion and its teachings so as to benefit ourselves only whilst dismissing others and their feelings. A little less of the both would greatly help our cause.

Religion brings great gifts to society. Or at least it used to. Until it became a tool for the politically motivated (ring any bells?). And we all know what happens when you use something that sits deeply with people, for your own benefit? You mend it, break it and amend it so it serves you, all the while ensuring it keeps others below you. How would you go before God and justify something like this? That I used Your name to gain power and to ensure I made enough money that my coming generations would have no problem financially. Make peace with that.

We have done everything and continue to do everything God told us not to do. Scripture, in its full divinity, persists amongst the present secular age and, with its voracious force, continues to rightly guide us. If only we would hear and if only, we would follow. It calls but we deliberately fail to hearken.

Soon, the rich will become the beggars and the fools will become the wise. Soon deafening silence will reign and the pseudo-supremacy will die. The skeletons of society will face annihilation. We hope.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 29th, 2022.

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