Seven killed as violence continues in Karachi

Sindh home minister says 100 target killers arrested. 18 people kidnapped earlier recovered, says IG Sindh.

Afp/express August 20, 2011

KARACHI: Seven people were killed, including a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) employee, overnight as violence continued in parts of Karachi, Express 24/7 reported on Saturday.

Unidentified gunmen opened indiscriminatory fire in Khokhara-Park area, killing a PAF official, Ghazanfar Ali Khan.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said high value targets responsible for violence in Karachi had been arrested overnight.

Malik said a targeted operation had been carried out in some areas and that no one would be allowed to sabotage peace in the city.

He said Korangi was the most restive area in the city, and praised police for their services.

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The interior minister also sought the cooperation of political parties to bring peace in Karachi.

Monetary compensation for attack victims

At the funeral ceremony of three police commandos, Sindh Home Minster Manzoor Wassan said that monetary compensation will be provided to the families of the policemen who lost their lives in last night's attack.

The home minister claimed that over 100 target killers had been arrested in Karachi.

Wassan also admitted that criminal elements in the city have political affiliations.

Inspector General of Police (IG) Sindh Wajid Durrani said two people had been caught red-handed from a crime scene and were currently being interrogated.

He said 18 people who had been kidnapped from different parts of the city had also been recovered.

Ambush on police in Korangi

Earlier on Friday, a van of police commandos was ambushed by gunmen in Korangi, sparking gun battles in which four officers were killed and more than 30 others wounded, officials said.

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"These policemen were in a van going on a raid on a tip-off when they were intercepted by armed men who started firing, injuring many policemen," senior police official Shaukat Hussain told AFP.

"The police returned fire and at least one attacker was killed." Television footage showed injured policemen being carried by their comrades and local residents into ambulances and private vehicles heading to hospital.

"Our hospital has received 32 injured policemen, four of whom are critically injured. They all have gunshot wounds," said Seemin Jamali, spokeswoman for the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre.


Roa | 12 years ago | Reply

It seems that MQM is not involved in present killings. May be PPP's indirect groups are on the Job. The delay in which Rehman malik to identify the persons is an example.

Mohammad Ali Siddiqui | 12 years ago | Reply

I am grieved on the sad demise of the policemen who were killed in Korangi area and also pray for the speedy recovery for those who got injured.

The deceased policemen are buried in the coffins wrapped in Pakisan’s Flags and the Interior Minister of Sindh Mr. Manzoor Wassan has said that monetary compensation will be provided to the families of the policemen who lost their lives in last night’s attack in Karachi.

Probably, the brothers or sons of the deceased policemen may also be inducted in the police department and the widows of the deceased policemen may also get the lifetime pension.

These rules are applicable for the government servants when they die in the line of duty and while they are on duty in Sindh, though the amount of compensation in Punjab Province is much higher than Sindh Province.

The life of a policeman whether he serves in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan or K.P. is the same then why the amount of monetary compensation varies from province to province?

Similarly, the salaries (basic pay scale and other perks) of Punjab Police are much higher than Sindh Police. Why not our government treats all the policemen equally, irrespective of the difference of the salaries from one province to another province?

I want to ask the Provincial Interior Minister Mr. Manzoor Wassan and Federal Interior Minister Mr. Rehman Malik what monetary compensation would be given to the families of those civilians who were killed target killings in Karachi and their houses have been burnt by the miscreants.

I am sure that the government would have complied a comprehensive report about the families where there is no male member left to earn bread and butter and how female members of the deceased civilians are going to pass rest of their lives with honour and dignity.

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