Bilawal derides Imran over US conspiracy claim

PPP chairman says time to make ‘difficult economic decisions’ to pull country out of crises

Our Correspondent May 15, 2022
PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari says his party used no-confidence motion as 'democratic weapon' against Imran Khan. PHOTO: PPP MEDIA CELL


Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Sunday said former premier Imran Khan says that a conspiracy was hatched against him in the White House in US, whereas it actually happened at the Bilawal House.

Addressing party activists at the Karachi airport’s old terminal where a gathering was held to welcome him on his return to the city, the scion of the Bhutto dynasty insisted that the ouster of PTI chairman Imran from power was not a foreign conspiracy but it had become a necessity and he was removed through a democratic process.

“This is the real change and a result of our determined efforts. The selected prime minister was ousted not overnight but after a three-year struggle,” he added.

The PPP chairman said that it was his party that had convinced other opposition parties to form a democratic alliance.

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“Initially, no one agreed with our proposal to bring a no-confidence motion.” He added that the PPP leadership had proposed to all the parties to stay in parliament and change the government. “All political parties agreed on an action plan, after which real change took place in the country.”

He said despite being in power in three provinces, the “selected” government had failed miserably.

“Now the selected [ex-PM Imran] wants immediate elections so that he can be selected again. We will compete with this puppet on every front.”

The foreign minister said Pakistan was facing both internal and external challenges and time had come to make "difficult decisions" for the country’s benefit.

"We have to take those difficult decisions through which we can take the economy out of the crises created by [Imran] Khan," he added, apparently referring to the hike in petroleum products.

Bilawal said the government could provide the people with short-term relief and push them into long-term troubles. The other option was to bear short-term hardship and seek long-term relief for the people.

He added that solutions could be found by working together.

The PPP chairman went on to say that all political parties, including the MQM, are ready for consultations with each other to deal with the crises created by the previous government.

He added that ex-PM Imran had done irreparable damage to the country in his desire to make the judiciary, parliament, media and establishment a part of his tiger force.

“Imran expected the establishment to become part of his tiger force and back him. However, the army and the ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence] remained neutral and loyal to the Constitution.

The minister said ex-PM Imran had created so many crises that they were forced to name him Bohran [crisis] Khan.

Bilawal stressed the need for implementing the 1991 Accord to end the water crisis in the country.

He also urged the federal government, of which he was a part of, to help all the provinces including Sindh and Balochistan to improve their irrigation systems.

The foreign minister said the new government would establish relations with the US, China and the rest of the international community on the basis of equality.

On Pakistan-India ties, Bilawal said the new government would establish relations with India on equal terms.

He pointed out that Pakistan's relations with India were strained. “After the invasion of [Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and] Kashmir, [Imran] Khan suddenly came to the realisation that [Indian PM Narendra] Modi was Hitler.”

He added that on the occasion of Indian elections, Imran kept calling Modi a “role model”.

“Khan sahib kept making miscalls to the US and India but none of them responded.

The PPP chief claimed that the ex-PM Imran’s foreign policy was run on the basis of ego and stubbornness, which harmed the country.

The foreign minister said ex-PM Imran used to travel around the world with a begging bowl.

“We will focus on trade rather than aid,” he added.

The PPP chief said Imran was the first prime minister of the world to say that it if he were no longer in power, it would have been better if an atomic bomb had been dropped on this country.

“The PPP has been threatened with either martial law or elections. Imran Khan is trying to create such conditions in the country that anarchy will be created.”

Bilawal pledged to make the Steels Mills functional again with the assistance of its union.


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