Weinstein abduction: Lie detector tests fail to yield breakthrough

No new information revealed from polygraph tests on driver, guards.

Rameez Khan August 20, 2011


Lie detector tests failed to produce any information from the driver and three guards of Warren Weinstein, an American citizen who was abducted from his residence in Lahore, police investigators revealed on Friday.

The investigators said that a polygraph test was conducted on the four people during which several questions related to Weinstein’s abduction were asked. However, no special information was retrieved from the driver and the guards, who are currently in the protective custody of the police.

SP Investigation Model Town Shoaib Khurram told The Express Tribune that analysing Weinstein’s mobile phone record was pointless as he had not received any threats. However, he added, the police was still analysing the records for any possible lead.

Khurram added that the police have so far not received any information about the abductors whose sketch was released by the Lahore police on Thursday. SP Organized Crime Umer Virk said that the police only had four people in protective custody, while denying reports in the media that two others were held.

Although Virk claimed that the police had clues regarding a lead in the case, he declined to disclose any further information.

He said that only the Lahore police was investigating the case and were not being assisted by any foreign agency.

However, well placed sources have revealed that the police, in fact, do not have any clues in the case. They said that officers claiming otherwise were only doing so to ‘save face’, adding that no headway has yet been made in the case. They further said that the polygraph test was another setback as the police investigators believed that the guards were involved in Weinstein’s abduction.

SSP Investigation Lahore Abdur Razzaque Chema told The Express Tribune that the police have not received any information about the abductor, adding that fingerprints have not matched any existing records. He said that two phones that were stolen from guards had been switched off at two different locations, adding that it seems the abductors tried to mislead the police.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 20th, 2011.


Wake Up | 12 years ago | Reply To self-labeled "@Rational Mind": give me a f'ing break. You really think the CIA would plant a man for *FIVE YEARS* in Pakistan, working for a small but well-known development consultancy? A man named Weinstein? JEEZ! Yes, there are many true conspiracies in the region, but use your God-given mind to figure out which theories are completely nuts (such as the idea that Weinstein is with CIA), which ones might or might not be true (and therefore RESERVE judgement, neither one way nor the other), which ones are likely true (though not confirmed), and which ones are confirmed. Weinstein is a nice old guy who was doing the best he could to help poor Pakistanis get better jobs and increase their income. End of story, there's nothing else there.
Rational Mind | 12 years ago | Reply

Try using lie detector on American officials and see whats the result when they say he was not a CIA agent......do remember to share the results with us

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