WATCH: Hindu hardliner openly calls for Muslim genocide in India

In a video posted by writer Ashok Swain, the zealot tells Muslims they 'won't be spared'

News Desk April 16, 2022
The hardline, in the 45-second video, can be seen hurling threats at Muslims, saying 'we will not spare them'. SCREENGRAB

As the Narendra Modi government continues to turn a blind eye towards the increasing calls for Muslim genocide in India, Hindu zealots have found yet more courage to launch a fresh threat to target the community.

In a similar attack, a hardline Hindu leader can be heard hurling threats at Muslims and warning them of dire consequences for reason not known.

The video, posted online by Ashok Swain, a professor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, captioned, "A Hindu Right religious leader in India openly calling for genocide of Muslims! India on a dangerous path and the world has gone into silence".

"Well we have begun a dharam yudh (battle based on faith) and we will not spare you," the man clad in traditional saffron robe can be heard saying in the video.

"It will be them (Muslims) who will start it but it will be us who will end it," he added, pointing at the intensions of the hardliners towards the minority community.

Towards the end of the video, another man can be heard saying that there is no "dead nation" more than the Hindi nation, in an apparent gesture to provoke the community against others.

The video validated the stance of those who urge PM Modi to take timely action amidst rising calls for genocide.

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Earlier this momth, Hindu zealots belonging to BJP-RSS dispensation vandalised and burning of more than 40 houses of Muslims in the Karauli area of Rajasthan with the connivance of local security authorities.

The incident drew strong condemnation from the foreign office, saying, "equally alarming is the apathy of state machinery which wantonly looked the other way and failed in its basic duty of protecting the lives and properties of its citizens."

It had noted that the minorities in India, especially the Muslims, continue to live under fear and intimidation.

The foreign office had further pointed out the BJP-RSS combine had enabled the perpetration of senseless violence against minorities as part of its “Hindutva” agenda marked by hate and majoritarianism.

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