PakDonor: An accessible list of blood donors in Pakistan

If someone needs blood, all they need to do is to search on or send a quick SMS to a hosted service.

Aamir Attaa August 19, 2011
PakDonor: An accessible list of blood donors in Pakistan

As the name suggests, PakDonor is an online blood donor facility that aims to centralise blood donors in a manner that blood seekers can get donors when they are in need.

As soon as someone needs blood, all they need to do is search on or send a quick SMS to a hosted service.

As shows in the screenshot, a search was made for seeking blood donors in Islamabad with A+ blood group. The system retuned six results with three qualified donors and displayed their contact numbers. The other three donors opted not to make their contact details public, but they can be reached through a web form.

PakDonor is meant to be a social service platform that will give people free access to blood donor information and in turn, enable him/her to save a life.

PakDonor says that their aim is to offer this service to the entire nation, so anyone in need of blood in the country can benefit from the service. They can use the service to find suitable donors as well as advertise blood donation requests to a large audience. The scale of impact will be huge both in terms of geography and value to human life.

PakDonor says that donors’ information is collected through various channels, which is scattered all over the country.

Private medical institutions or pharmacies keep lists of volunteers which are not easily available to a large audience. So, although the volunteer base across the country is not small, the lack of access to these lists reduces the impact.

Currently they are adding up the data, hence a lot of work is pending especially for smaller cities. Meanwhile, if you are donor, or an organisation that maintain donors’ lists – you can contact PakDonor to contribute for the cause.

This is where PakDonor comes into play to centralise these islands of data and provides a healthy repository of volunteers that anyone in the country can leverage.

PakDonor is operated by Pak eVentures, same company that’s running

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Mudassar.R | 12 years ago | Reply

impressive man,,,finally someone is doing something worth doing,,,the society of donors and you Mr Writer :)

Saud Tufail | 12 years ago | Reply

I believe this is an amazing initiative through which the society at whole can benefit. Such nobel causes are a rarity in this capitalistic society and thus should be given due appreciation. I wish best of luck to the Pak Donor Team!

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