Wikipedia editors are against calling NFTs art

5 out of 6 Wikipedia editors are against calling NFTs digital art because they lack accurate information.

Tech Desk January 15, 2022
Wikipedia, one of the most frequented websites in Pakistan, will be marking its 14th birthday on January 15. STOCK IMAGE

While NFTs have begun to be universally recognized as art pieces, Wikipedia editors are not too sure. Editors at Wikipedia believe that because these NFTs provide inaccurate information, they cant be considered as art.

In a report by Digital Information World, 5 out of 6 editors made the case against calling NFTs art because unlike art pieces, these are interchangeable digital assets. The debate sparked in December where it was discovered that many websites don't know what work is an art and what isn't. NFT art pieces were worth around 41 billion tokens of Ethereum and $50 billion last year.

While the debate persists, the founders of the NFT auction platform tweeted that it's time to tell the Wikipedia website that NFTs are authentic artwork that will soon spread globally. The founders noted that digital art workers have been protesting for years for their work to be validated, and NFT has provided them with a way to do so.

Data has revealed that NFT sales have increased from $10.7 billion in the last year, which is eight times more than the sales made in 2020. NFTs as digital art pieces have become very popular because of their low depreciation charge and as artists strive to showcase their work to the world.


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