Actor Zoya Nasir fears traveling through Lahore Motorway after her mother's kidnappings

Starlet developed serious paranoia after burglars kidnapped her mother thrice to steel her car and drop her elsewhere.

Entertainment Desk November 04, 2021

Actor Zoya Nasir, in a recent interview on a local TV channel, opened up about her fear of traveling through the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway due to the harrowing incidents of the past.

Referring to her mother's frightful experiences with robbers, the starlet, who garnered a significant fan following after appearing in Zebaish and Dhoop Ki Deewar, claimed that her mother has been kidnapped three times while traveling from the route.

"She's been kidnapped while serving as an MPA. Dacoits would put her into a strange vehicle and leave her at some unknown location before stealing her car. The car was recovered by the police all three times,” shared Nasir.

Being the victim of a recent robbery in Karachi herself, Nasir recalled how that fear propelled her into doing something really 'stupid'. "A week ago I was coming back from a set and the car had just stopped at Teen Talwar when a robber appeared. Opening my door, he said, ‘Hand over whatever you have’. In that moment it didn't occur to me that I had something to give to him.”

Thus, all Nasir could think about was how she’ll be kidnapped like her mother. “And so I ran out of the car, which was very stupid,” the celebrity acknowledged. “Perhaps the robber didn't have a gun so I got away safely. And he ran away after I started screaming 'Save me! Save me!” she shared.

As her interview traveled across social media to eventually land on an entertainment news outlet’s Instagram, a user callously victim blamed her mother in the comments section, asking why she continued to travel through the Motorway despite being kidnapped once.

To this, Nasir responded, "It is called dedication and bravery. She had work in Islamabad. Instead of blaming the victim, focus on what the actual problem is. Sadly, you're one of them."

Nasir’s mother and former MPA Amna Ulfat, who is a PML-Q politician that served in the Punjab Assembly from 2008 till 2013, also commented on the post. "Hello people, I am Zoya's mother. I am in the US at the moment otherwise I would have shown you both the FIRs,” she assured.

“I would like to tell you that this was breaking news on ARY and other channels. The chief minister and chief justice took notice as well,” added UIfat. “The police recovered my car and the robbers got killed in an encounter with the police! That happened in 2011 and my driver travelled to Islamabad through Kalashahkakoo motorway interchange to GT road.”

Nasir's mother recalled how a similar incident had occurred in 2002 as she traveled back home from the same road. Her new car was snatched. While the very first such incident occurred 28 years ago. She was, however, grateful that her life was spared all three times.

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