Celebs, cricketers defend Shami against Hindu extremists post Pak-India T20

Mansha Pasha, Sachin Tendulkar among others are schooling users dubbing the Indian pacer a 'traitor'.

Entertainment Desk October 26, 2021

The rising hatred against Muslims in India and the continued surge of Hindu extremism under the RSS-inspired Narendra Modi's government is no secret today. An example of the same was witnessed after Pakistan’s emphatic win over India during their first T20 World Cup encounter in Dubai on Sunday.

A torrent of social media abuse was unleashed against India’s only Muslim player Mohammad Shami, while Kashmiri students were physically assaulted in various colleges of Indian Punjab after Pakistan’s 10-wicket thrashing at the T20 World Cup encounter.

Now, former Indian cricketers, including the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Pakistani actor Mansha Pasha, as well as designer Khadija Shah, along with numerous netizens are slamming the trolls dubbing Shami a traitor.

Tendulkar tweeted, “When we support team India, we support every person who represents team India. Muhammad Shami is a committed, world-class bowler. He had an off day like any other sportsperson can have. I stand behind Shami and team India.”

Sharing his tweet, Pasha wrote, “Sad that religious intolerance has spread so far in India that cricketers have to come to each other’s defense like this. It’s a game for God’s sake! Don’t ruin the sport for the sportsmen by this over the top, so called nationalism.”

Shah shared a tweet by leading scholar on national security, war on terror and civil rights, Khaled A Beydoun, that read: “If we win I’m Indian, if we don’t I’m a disloyal Muslim. Mohammed Shami is being criticised and his patriotism to India widely challenged after their T20 loss to Pakistan, only because he’s a Muslim.”

Harbhajan Singh had also tweeted, “We love you Muhammad Shami.”

While former Indian batsman Virender Sehwag also chimed in tweeting, “The online attack on Mohammad Shami is shocking and we stand by him. He is a champion and anyone who wears the India cap has India in their hearts, far more than any online mob.  [We stand] with you Shami, agle match mein dikado jalwa (show ‘em what you got in the next match)!”

And when an Indian user shared their discontent over Shami smiling from the stands in a photo as India struggled on the field, another fellow Indian shut them down. The user contested, “Really? Even smiling is problem now? If that’s the case, then Virat Kohli also hugged a Pakistani player after losing and smiled. Had Shami done the same, he would’ve been labeled a ‘deshdrohi’ (traitor) by you all. It’s a game, treat it like one and be prepared for any outcome.”

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