Akshay Kumar meme-ifyed following Pakistan’s big win against India

The actor, who was seen celebrating when India scored, became the butt of the joke after Pakistan emerged victorious

Entertainment Desk October 25, 2021

Pakistan’s big cricket win against India in last night’s T20 World Cup match led to a barrage of celebratory memes, with several fans making Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar the butt of the joke in particular. 

During India’s batting run, Akshay was seen celebrating in the stands, with the actor’s feelings changing significantly towards the end of the match when Pakistan’s victory seemed apparent. 

In celebration of the eventual win, Pakistani cricket fans took to Twitter to poke fun at the actor, and some of the results are just too hilarious to ignore. 

This (probably) accurate depiction of the actor's feelings 

This meme, summarizing every Pakistani's feelings towards a beaming Akshay in the first half of the match 

On Akshay masking his pain 

Speculations about how the actor exited the stadium after Pakistan's victory 

Indian sentiment towards Akshay 

And finally



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