'Mauka Mauka' was never about political jingoism, says writer post Pakistan victory

One Indian fan shared how popular ad has been exaggerated by the Indian media, for 'amplifying tensions'

Entertainment Desk October 25, 2021

The year is 1992. We see a hopeful Pakistani fan bringing out the fireworks as the team faces arch-rivals, India, in a world cup match. Moments later, we see the disgruntled fan placing the fireworks back after an upsetting loss. This goes on for another five clashes and Mauka Mauka becomes the unofficial anthem for the Indian fans for an India-Pakistan face-off in World Cup. The ad was first aired in 2015.

Following the six-year-old tradition, Indian cricket fans revamped the anthem once again as they hoped for a clear win against Pakistan. However, this time around, things changed dramatically.

After Pakistan's impressive 10 wickets first-ever win against India, Pakistani fans hit back at Indian cricket enthusiasts with the very same ad. One Indian fan, however, shared how Mauka Mauka has been exaggerated by the Indian media, verging it on how the said ad for "amplifying tensions between the countries."

"The more we hype up an ordinary cricket match, the more we amplify the sociopolitical divide and historical tension between two nations," a user penned, adding, "It's just a game, projecting it to be any more than that is playing into the hands of those who use sport as a "mauka"."

Mustafa Rangwala, the original writer of the song, shared his two cents on the criticism. "Having written the original, Mauka Mauka ad in 2015, I am indeed aghast at how the tone of this idea has taken a distinctly crass turn." He added, "It was meant to be a celebration of this rivalry. Not a mockery."

Rangwala further tweeted his original thought behind the clip. Sharing his storyboard for the popular ad, Rangwala remarked, "Had presented the Mauka Mauka ad on Jan 31, 2015. The match was on the Feb 14. Given only seven days to make the film. Suresh Triveni took over and worked his magic. The phrase "mauka mauka" wasn't in the script but his idea. This is the scratch edit he made before the shoot."

On this, one user commented, "I am sorry but the original ad was mocking the other team. In the culture of jingoism we live in, I fail to see how one could not have known that it would be used for ultra-nationalism."

Rangwala then shared the entire Mauka series where we see India facing different teams in the World Cup. "See the entire series," he shared, adding, "The second film in the series which was for the match against South Africa was a joke on India. Also, we kept away from jingoistic dialogue and macho displays of fandom."

"In 2015, Star Sports India had a Mauka Mauka film ready to congratulate Pakistan if they won. It wasn't required to be aired. Wonder if they are similarly well prepared this time," he revealed.

However, many rejoiced how it's finally time to bid Mauka ad farewell.

"It's a humiliating defeat," a user penned, adding, "From team selection to less preparation there are numerous reasons. But a stellar performance from our Pakistan team. Let's concentrate on the remaining matches." He concluded with, "Finally, it's goodbye to Mauka Mauka s**t ads."

Another added, "Star Sports ad agency realising they won't be able to do Mauka Mauka again."

"Thoughts with that Mauka ad guy who is about to go jobless," joked another.

The burning question is, are we to wait for the promised ad? It should certainly be fun this time around.

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