I’m not saying being poor isn’t hard, but being rich can be harder: Rohail Hyatt

Music producer faced massive backlash on Twitter following tweets on struggles of being rich

Entertainment Desk October 20, 2021

Rohail Hyatt was met with fierce criticism on social media after the music producer claimed on Twitter that being rich “can be harder” than being poor. Hyatt made the comments in a Twitter thread in which he promoted “unity” over “divisive opinions”. 

He tweeted, “Anyone, from labour to leader, who participates in divisive narratives and puts politics above communal harmony, is actually contributing towards our own weakness. Become an example of unity and learn to celebrate diversity. Remember, ‘together we stand, divided we fall’.” 

In reply, a user asserted that divisive tactics were most often used by those in charge, particularly with reference to PM Imran and his government, who Hyatt has publicly supported in the past. The user wrote, “Your leader has always divided political fraternity to gain ground thru false lies propaganda and deceit.”

Hyatt went on to defend the PM, blaming the “jahil awam [uneducated public]” instead. “‘Our’ PM is part of the political landscape of this country. Why would we expect him to behave differently from the rest when he has to cater to a jahil awam who want exactly the show that is put on. People must first become the change they demand from their leaders.”  

When the music producer was called out for his views, with another user tweeting how he “does not know sufferings of the poor”, Hyatt went on to write about how he is well-aware of the condition of the underprivileged due to his regular interaction with them. He tweeted, “I interact with more poor people than most people will ever imagine. I also know poverty around the world. We have a lot to be thankful for and all the people who remain thankful to God, stay blessed and content. How do you know anything about me at all? Imagination?”

After Hyatt was asked to elaborate, he wrote, “I can go on and on but I hope you get the drift. I’m not saying being poor isn’t hard, but being rich can be harder at times. Totally depends on the mindset of the person experiencing that state.” 

The music producer went on to make things worse by speaking about how the rich cannot sleep peacefully because they are always afraid someone will break into their homes, comparing it with sleeping labourers, in an attempt to justify his views. “At least they don’t need guards to feel safe and hide behind fortresses yet wake up at the slightest noise. Always scared someone will come for what they have. Have you ever seen a labourer sleep? A gunshot wouldn’t wake him. Ups and downs on both sides of the fence,” he wrote.  

In response to press coverage and criticism of his views, Hyatt wrote on Twitter, “The champions of the oppressed who have come to stand up for the poor. Don’t get me started on privileges now. In respect of professionalism, I’ll reserve my thoughts.”



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