Watch: Priyanka Chopra's latest video is going viral for all the wrong reasons

PC in Paris is reminding people of 'Pindi girls' in Lahore...

Entertainment Desk September 27, 2021

A video of Priyanka Chopra giving her followers a sneak peek into the Global Citizen Live at Paris has become the talk of town for all the wrong reasons.

In the video, shared by FilmFare, Priyanka swirls her camera across her backdrop featuring the Eiffel Tower, and says, “Global citizen live baby, in Paris.” The clip is being re-shared by Pakistanis who feel Priyanka is behaving like a "Pindi girl upon her visit to Bahria Town Lahore," which has now replicated its own Eiffel Tower for visitors to take pictures against.

Many are also calling out Priyanka for “showing off” while are others are simply put off by the “cringe” on display.

“It was impossible to outcringe 'show me you’re an animal raaj' but piggy chops somehow managed to do that too,” tweeted a netizen.

“500 likes n I’ll recreate this,” challenged another. “5k likes and I'll recreate this at Bahria Town Eiffel Tower,” chimed in one more.

A user even shared their own video from the Bahria Town Eiffel Tower, doing something similar. “So guys hopefully we are in Paris and now, we are enjoying a lot in Paris,” says their comrade in the quirky clip.

A troll used the oppurtunity to take a dig at her reality TV series, The Activist, for what it was initially planned to be, and tweeted, “PC deciding which activist to take with her to the Eiffel Tower.”

While another simply dubbed Priyanka the “Meera of Bollywood,” which, despite being funny, we respectfully disagree with.

But “Global Cringe Life baby,” rang in the echo chamber as more and more netizen reinstated how Priyanka “pakki bahria town lahore ki hai (is definitely from Bahria Town Lahore).”

There were those who also felt she had “too much to drink.” A user wrote, “Some people can't hold their booze..”

An Indian user even commented, “A part of my soul goes to heaven every time an NRI rolls their r’s this hard in order to sound remotely white.”

Nevertheless, the Global Citizen Live was a 24-hour global event that started on September 25 to unite the world to defend the planet and defeat poverty, according to its website. Hailing from six continents, the broadcast featured artists, celebrities and world leaders coming together to create change and impact climate and poverty.

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