'I stand by my words': Shaniera Akram defends stance on Pakistan's security

Activist responds to netizens calling her out for projecting a 'false' image of the country post NZ, UK's retreat.

Entertainment Desk September 22, 2021

When New Zealand's cricket team called off its tour to Pakistan, half of the nation felt betrayed while the other half felt the need to prove itself once again. Many expressed their disapproval of the foreign cricket team’s decision, while others explained why Pakistan was as safe as any other country for cricket.

Among the biggest critics, were former cricketers and public figures Wasim Akram and Shahid Aridi. While the prior felt that the world underestimated our security forces, the latter lashed out tweeting, “On a hoax threat you have called-off the tour despite all assurances!! Black Caps, do you understand the impact of your decision?"

And among the slew of celebrities who slammed the decision, however, was activist Shaniera Akram, who tweeted “There is no place in the world I feel safer.” But being a woman speaking in favour of a country – where women are subjected to abuse daily – several criticised her for projecting a 'false' image of Pakistan. And despite her elaboration, many are still objecting with references of circumstances they’re regularly exposed to, that Shaniera may not necessarily have to encounter.

But Shaniera stands by what she said. In her latest tweet, she has written “I stand by my words. In terms of national security, I do feel completely safe in Pakistan. I know where we have come from and I have seen how hard we have worked to promote a peaceful nation. And it’s a safe feeling when you’re with 200million people who all want the same thing – PEACE!”

In response, a user commented, “Bhabi jee, of course you feel safe in DHA with 10 ISI men following you when you visit Lahore for one week to show off your Fahad Hussayn lehengas.” Another added, “For the love of God, go visit Sadar all by yourself someday and then tweet.” Previously, users had trolled Shaniera with tweets reading, “I feel safe in Pakistan [too], as long as I am in San Francisco…” While a netizen added, “You must be joking right? If not, then please do some research on crime against women in Pakistan. Most cases are not reported and yet the crime ratio is so high.”

Nevertheless, the majority are happy that the ‘Bhabi’ of the nation is taking stand for it, especially when most public figures feel that there is political agenda behind NZ’s last minute retreat, which followed England backing off as well.

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