PM Imran takes notice of Umer Sharif's request for assistance in travel for treatment

In a video message, the veteran comedian shared that he currently does not have any treatment options in Pakistan

Entertainment Desk September 10, 2021

In a video recorded for a local news outlet, veteran comedian Umer Sharif, who has been suffering from an undisclosed illness, requested the government to help him get treated abroad. The video was aired on Thursday night. According to Prime Minister of Pakistan’s spokesperson Shahbaz Gill, the PM has since taken notice of Sharif's request.

The veteran comedian shared in a pre-recorded message that he does not have treatment options for his ailment in Pakistan and he believes Prime Minister Imran Khan will facilitate his request.

Sharif, who looked visibly unwell, said, “I have been told by my doctors that, for better treatment, I will have to go abroad. I believe I helped Imran Khan, as much as I could, with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.”

The comedian added, “Doctors are telling me I can get the best treatment in America. I, Umer Sharif, am now addressing the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan sahab. Whenever you have called me for anything, I have always been there for you, which is why I believe that you will also be there for me.”

Host Waseem Badami emphasised how Sharif needs assistance when it comes to technical issues that have affected travel due to Covid-19. He reinstated that Sharif was not in need of financial aid and that the comedian did not require funds from the government.

According to Badami, Sharif’s doctors have recommended he travel within the next 15 to 20 days to the USA, Germany or Saudi Arabia, for which the comedian will need government support. The video message was followed by a conversation between the host and Gill, who said he felt sadness after seeing Sharif in such a state, assuring that all efforts will be made to ensure the comedian receives the treatment he needs.

He shared, “The video filled my heart with sorrow because Umer Sharif has always made us laugh and we’ve always seen him laughing, chipper and spreading happiness. I pray that God gives him health.”

Gill continued, revealing that he will personally notify the PM about Sharif’s condition and his immediate need to travel. “First thing tomorrow morning I will personally relay his message to the Prime Minister, and I will personally contact the three countries and will try to arrange for treatment since even doctors have said that his ailment is complicated and the treatment for it is not possible in Pakistan,” he shared.

Gill explained that Germany and Saudia Arabia will be better options for treatment due to the fact that the two countries are closer to Pakistan, saying, “We will contact the German and Saudi embassies in Pakistan, the benefit of which will be that these two countries are closer and that we may be able to do things faster. We will try with the US also, whichever country can facilitate our request.”

He concluded, “Whatever the government can do, I will make sure to personally get Imran Khan’s instructions on this because Umer Sharif has can be a huge contributor to Pakistani media, as well as philanthropy. He was always ready to help with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.”

Later, Gill re-tweeted the video message, updating followers about how the office of the Prime Minister had gotten in touch with Sharif, and promised to continue sharing more details.



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