I know there is a higher power, but I can’t say for sure what that is: Saif Ali Khan

The actor recently revealed his religious views during a promotional interview for ‘Bhoot Police'

Entertainment Desk September 09, 2021

In a recent interview, actor Saif Ali Khan revealed that he isn’t particularly religious. Speaking about his beliefs during a promotional event for the actor’s upcoming horror-comedy film Bhoot Police, which also stars Arjun Kapoor, Khan revealed that he is more of an “agnostic” and that religious extremism does not sit right with him. 

Speaking about his Bhoot Police character, a ghost hunter whose main motivator is money, Khan reflected on his own views when it comes to religion and the supernatural. The actor revealed, “I am agnostic in real life. I'm very secular in the sense that I think too much religion worries me because they put an emphasis on the afterlife. And not enough emphasis on this life.” 

Elaborating on the nature of extremism, Khan shared, “I find too much of religion to be an organisation and too many problems – associated with basically my god, or your god or whose god is better.” However, the actor asserted that he isn’t completely closed off to the idea of God, and explained that he does believe in some form of a higher power.

When it comes to understanding what that higher power may actually be, Khan admitted, "What that power is, I have absolutely no idea." Revealing how he is more inclined towards spiritualism than organized religion, Khan shared that he does engage in prayer. "I pray and I try to focus my own energy on things. I'm more spiritual,” he said. 

The actor continued speaking about how he isn’t a believer in the concept of life after death. “I am not about the afterlife. I have a very sad feeling that once you die, it's just lights out. That's the end, nothing more. I sometimes hope there is more. And I'm not hundred per cent sure that there isn't one,” elaborated Khan. 

The Race actor added further that he thinks the belief in life after death may be nothing more than a protective mechanism. He shared, "The older I get the less convinced I am, I think that's a self-defence mechanism in the brain. I think the younger you are the more you can be like this. But certainly, I don't get very carried away by the rules and regulations of religion.”


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