Yasir, Iqra respond to Sharmila Faruqi’s comments on glorifying men for doing the bare minimum

Iqra Aziz had posted a video of her husband changing their son’s diaper, thanking him for his support in the caption

Entertainment Desk September 05, 2021

Celebrity couple actors Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz took to their Instagram stories to respond to the former advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh Sharmila Faruqi’s comments on how fathers changing clothes and engaging in other parental duties is “nothing special” and does not deserve any glorification. The politician had made the comments underneath a post by Iqra in which Yasir could be seen changing their son Kabir’s clothes.

Yasir shared a screenshot of Mathira’s story to his own, which contained a news post about Sharmila’s comments. Mathira had sided with Yasir and Iqra on the issue, writing, “I don’t know why but everyone is trying to school people even for the correct stuff.” She added that artists have the right to share personal and emotional posts and that people should keep quiet if they don’t like something that was posted by them. Mathira concluded, “In short, Iqra wrote it with love, let’s see [it] with love also.” 

The comedian wrote underneath the screenshot, throwing shade at Sharmila, “Bhai, pyaar se bhi masla hai. Appreciation se bhi masla hai. Proud feel karny se bhi masla hai. Syasat karke mulk to barbaad karny se koi masla nahi. [They have an issue with love. They have an issue with appreciation. They have an issue with feeling pride. They have no issues with doing politics and ruining the country.]”

Iqra responded separately on her own Instagram story. The Jhooti actor also shared a news post about Sharmila’s comments, writing, “For you, it might not be a big thing, but in a world full of men who don’t always appreciate their wives for doing what they do as a mother for their child (jo dono ka hai [who belongs to both of them]), my husband does! And if he supports, helps and appreciates me, tou main kyun nahin [so why can’t I]? 

She added, “Women want men to help them aur phir karein tou boldo [and when they do you say] nothing to be proud of. Equality dono taraf ki honi chahiey [There should be equality on both sides].” 

Earlier this week, Iqra shared a picture of Yasir changing their son Kabir Hussain’s clothes. She captioned this post, “pamper and clothes change session before leaving for work.” The Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 actor went on, “P.S. he changed Kabir’s clothes for the first time.”

The Suno Chanda star then thanked Yasir for helping her “so much” during “this new phase of motherhood.” She added, “I am so proud of you Yasir Hussain, you’ve helped me so much from pamper changes to holding him while I rest for a bit and making me breakfasts.”

Under this post, Sharmila commented, “I’m so glad your husband is hands-on but it’s nothing to be proud of or anything special.”

She then took the responsibility of explaining to the starlet that “all good, involved fathers do this for their kids. My husband bathes, changes diapers, feeds and takes our son for his pre-school if I’m at work or unwell. And he loves it.”


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