One killed, female pilot injured in PAF plane crash

Plane crashes near Bhakkar. The pilots manage to eject from the plane using a parachute and are safe.

Express August 15, 2011

BHAKKAR: One civilian was killed and a female pilot was reportedly injured when a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) plane crashed near Bhakkar on Monday.

The PAF said its plane was on a routine training flight this morning in the Kor-Kot area when a technical fault occurred.

The pilots managed to eject from the plane using a parachute and are safe.

However, reports from the area suggest one of the pilots, a lady flying officer, was injured while landing on ground.

The injured pilot had been taken to the PAF hospital in Mianwali.  One civilian was reportedly killed in the ‘blast’ which occurred after the crash, Express 24/7 reported.

Local administration had cordoned off the area and began relief activities.

Army and police had directed the locals to stay away from the site of the crash.


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@vigilant thanx.. i wanna refer the links too but they are not allowed i guess. the moderator removed them :)

Ravinder Chatwal | 10 years ago | Reply

@Ali: Don't ask silly questions, biraadar! Don't you know, the male are disposables for a society. And equality is only meant for the ladies. You and I, on the other hand are meant to be chivalrous. For all you know, the person editing this thread, is a sister. And she has been 'empowered' to put you and me in our place. Sure, makes you feel proud to sign up for the defense of your country, doesn't it. . There was a series of two articles by an IAF senior ranking officer. I wish I had the links to provide it here. He roundly refuted, logically, not in a sexist way, uber macho style, diatribe; the serious financial and operational cost of this gender tokenism. But, you think, anyone would care. Nooo! The Supreme Court of India, passed a directive last year, to force the IAF to treat 'women cadets' equally. Go figure! Those judges think, that flying a jet into combat, is like videogame. Just press the buttons, and things happen. I figure, you know a thing or two, about the technicalities, so I will let you grin and rue in silence. Welcome, to the new world. But, good that you raised the question. It won't last too long. It requires too much resource to keep these charades up. And one thing for defense is sure ... there is always less money to go around.

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