'Disgusting and humiliating': Amna Ilyas' latest Insta video draws ire

Actor aims to kick an apple on a man's head as she misses the mark completely, resulting in a blow to his face

Entertainment Desk August 30, 2021

Amna Ilyas could easily be touted as one of the most outspoken actors in the industry. Be it about prevalent deep-rooted colourism in desi society or the kind of roles she takes upon, Amna has never shied away from calling spade a spade. As of late, the Baaji star has taken to her social media and decided to share few 'hilarious' videos for a 'harmless' laugh. 

But that's where the issue lies. The recent video isn't amusing. In the latest clip shared on her Instagram, the Ready Steady No actor aims to kick an apple on a man's head as she misses the mark completely, resulting in a blow to his face. She captioned as, "Bullseye."

Amna added how 'no one was hurt during the video.' Soon after the video went viral, many called out the actor for 'humiliating' the other person in the clip. 

A user commented, "Disclaimer, nobody was hurt during this video? Try having someone do a roundhouse with sneakers right on your face and I’ll ask you who was hurt or not." Another wrote, "This isn’t even funny. You’re a public figure and people look up to you, what are you trying to show your audience? That you should do these disrespectful acts and make it look like it’s funny? If we swap the gender here, I’m sure you’ll be the first one raising your voice at this."

One more shared, "Let’s reverse the gender here. Not going to be too funny, right?" While another user commented, It does look like he got hit quite a bit and that's not cool."

A user added, "I don’t think that was okay, kicking a kid (who looks like house help) in the face?! No, not funny."

While she received criticism from her followers, her fellow peers find the video hilarious. The likes of Aiman Khan, Minal Khan and Azfar Rehman cheered her on. The video itself was rather derogatory and problematic, the last feat it needed was being lauded for it.

 Amna, previously, has also received flak for body-shaming former supermodel Aaimah Haq. When Aaminah addressed the issue, the actor went on to mock the model. The video may have been an out of the box attempt at schooling people over judging someone for their past, hate clearly doubled down. Several commented on the clip demanding an apology, with many calling her ‘arrogant’ for not owning up to her mistakes by saying ‘I’m not her’. She didn't address the issue later.


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