Therapy Works CEO, staff arrested

Judicial magistrate sends six suspects on one-day's remand

Saqib Bashir August 16, 2021


The Islamabad police have arrested six people, including the owner of the therapy centre, Dr Tahir, in the Noor Mukadam murder case.

The others include Dr Zahoor, Dr Wamiq, Dr Dilip Kumar and Amjad, who was stabbed by prime suspect Zahir Jaffer.

Kohsar police produced the suspects in the court of Judicial Magistrate Shehzad Khan that sent them to jail on one-day physical remand on Sunday.

The public prosecutor Sajid Cheema said that the suspects did not inform the police about the murder in time while also trying to destroy the evidence.

He added that the DNA samples of all suspects would be obtained and they would be discharged if proven innocent.

The Investigation Officer (IO) Abdul Sattar said that the DNA result is of an unidentified person that is why they are conducting their tests.

The court maintained that the investigation process is fair given the brutal nature of the crime committed and assured the suspects that there would be no injustice with them.

The suspects’ lawyer said that Dr Tahir is a 73-year-old and his DNA should not be taken. Tahir Zahoor informed the court that Zakir Jaffer called him and they had been working at the therapy centre for 16 years.

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The suspects told the court that they were detained in the police station for three days. They said that the police summoned them to the police station at 10 pm on Saturday and did not ask any questions until midnight.

Cheema assured the court that they will take care of the suspects. Upon court orders, Amjad, who was stabbed, showed his wounds and informed the court that he received 10 stitches. The IO said that Amjad has been discharged from the hospital.

Moreover, the prosecutor requested the court for 10 days physical remand. He said that two of the suspects are doctors while the remaining are workers. He alleged that they tried to help Zahir flee. At this, the court said that the witnesses should be left as witnesses, adding that there is a difference between a witness and a suspect.

The suspects’ lawyer said that a star witness was converted into a suspect. The public prosecutor read out the prime suspect’s statement to the IO before the court. According to it, Zahir used to like Noor for the past couple of years.

The prime suspect called the victim when his parents left home for the Eid holidays. He told the watchman of the house to not let anybody inside except Noor. Noor rejected Zahir’s proposal and tried to leave the room, however, the prime suspect locked her in a room and later murdered her.

Zahir informed his father Zakir about it who said that he does not need to worry and their men are coming to rescue him and dispose of the body. Zahir then attacked Amjad after which the police reached there and arrested the killer.

The court asked why the witnesses were presented as suspects and how they are involved in the case. At this, the IO informed the court that they have obtained fingerprints of another person from the murder weapon in the forensic report.

He added that it is necessary to investigate them and urged three days physical remand of the suspects. However, the court only granted one-day physical remand and ordered to produce the suspects again in court today (Monday).


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