Will the real Arshad Nadeem please stand up: Olympian faces multiple Twitter account fiasco

The athlete accidentally urged people to follow the wrong Twitter handle in a video

Entertainment Desk August 12, 2021

Arshad Nadeem, who almost bagged gold at the Olympics this year, finished fifth in the final of the men's javelin throw event. His journey at the Olympics was followed by people across the country, with the athlete missing the medal but winning several hearts. However, with the surge in Arshad’s popularity, several Twitter accounts popped up in his name to cash in on the athlete’s fame. Arshad made a video clarifying the matter by mentioning his actual Twitter handle, but things didn’t go according to plan.  

The athlete said in the video, posted over a week ago, “I hope you all are well. I wanted to let you all know that my Twitter account is by the name arshadnadeem26, and my Instagram is by the name arshadnadeem29. I have no other Twitter or Instagram account apart from these. Secondly, I have heard that people have been making accounts in my name and are asking for money through them. Please know that the accounts I have mentioned are my only social media.”

Arshad’s announcement led to the account under Twitter handle arshadnadeem26 gaining over 24,000 followers. However, as it turns out, Arshad had a little slip of the tongue, and this account is also fake.

The athlete clarified in a second video, “I posted a video recently clarifying my Twitter and Instagram usernames. I accidentally said arshadnadeem26 for my Twitter. I wanted to say arshadnameed76. So, I made a mistake. It’s not 26, it’s 76. Whoever this other person is, they have made an account by the name of arshadnadeem26. So kindly,  whenever you follow me, please follow the correct account.”

The 24-year-old from Mian Channu became Pakistan’s first track and field athlete to compete at the quadrennial event, earning him much applause and social media fame in the country.



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