TikTok ban

It has now become a regular feature to ban TikTok on one pretext or another

Malik Tariq Ali August 09, 2021


It has now become a regular feature to ban TikTok, an application widely used by middle-class Pakistanis, on one pretext or another. Is it a mere coincidence that the process of banning this application, owned by a Chinese company, started ever since it was banned by the US Trump administration?

As far as the contents of most American, and Europe-based applications, are concerned, they are far more lethal and hate-based than the so-called ‘Islamophobic’ TikTok. But rarely have they been banned so frequently. Therefore, suspicions arise as to why TikTok is being banned so frequently in Pakistan. Why can’t we use these computerbased applications for the benefit of our society instead? Why ban them outright?

It is a stated policy that the US is against all Chinese investments in Pakistan, especially CPEC. There should be no doubt in our minds that the relationship between China and Pakistan is broadbased, sharing common strategic interests and not transactional, as we had with the US. Over the years, numerous individuals within our paid public office holders have been beneficiaries of American largesse. Many of them have shifted their assets to their newly acquired foreign country, seeking citizenship for themselves or their family.

The oath of citizenship binds them to obey whatever is required to serve US national interests, or the interests of any country whose citizenship they acquire voluntarily. It is in Pakistan’s national security interest not to appoint such individuals to any public office of importance, in any regulatory authority, or in sensitive organisation or diplomatic assignments. These individuals can be liable to succumb to their conflict of interest because of the fear of prosecution, punishment or confiscation of assets.


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