Citizens urged to keep pets safe in heat

Bird enthusiast says dozens of his pigeons and parrots have died because of extreme heat

Qaiser Sherazi July 04, 2021


The public and private veterinary hospitals in the twin cities are brimming with sick pets and birds because of the extreme rise in temperature. The increase in mercury has brought about a heat wave and caused suffocation that has also resulted in the deaths of many caged birds and pets.

Veterinarians and their assistants have increased their fees while the cost of animal medicine has also risen.

The extreme heat and suffocation have severely affected birds as they are now seen hiding in trees, shadows of underwater tanks on the roofs of houses while stray dogs and cats are roaming the streets in dire need of shade. Residents have found many birds unconscious on the rooftops because of the scorching temperature.

Rawalpindi District Wildlife Department Director Rizwana Aziz has issued a notification to citizens stating that over the last three days, the temperature has increased excessively, which is extremely hazardous for birds. She urged citizens to place water containers on rooftops in a shaded area and put a little food such as pieces of bread and water pot for birds so that birds flying in the open can drink water.

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She added that those who have pet birds like parrots, hawks, quails, partridges, pigeons, etc in cages in their homes, should move their cages in the shade to protect them from the sun.

The director added that residents who breed birds on the roof should install a cooler to reduce the intensity of heat. She said people who keep ducks should make arrangements for water in their backyards.

The wildlife director also requested residents to place water in containers for stray cats and dogs on the streets.

She said that the intense heatwave will continue for the next few days and during this time, the lives of birds and pets will be at risk.

Bird enthusiast Nasir Shah said dozens of his pigeons and small parrots have perished because of the extreme heat. The owner of pet dogs said his pets had to be taken to a veterinary hospital to be treated for heat related complications. He urged all pet owners to be extra caring for their animals.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 4th, 2021.


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