On Our Radar

A round up of everything on out radar this week

June 24, 2021

Braen Candy

Crystals have been in use for many centuries in the fields of science, art, technology and healthcare. Braen Candy seeks to provide clients with information about the healing properties of these crystals and the power of our thoughts so they can learn to heal themselves via meditation and energetic contact. An essential addition to any lifestyle, these items help us achieve holistic peace and health, as well as reduce stress, anxiety and aches and pains. Most problems of an emotional nature tend to be associated with energetic blocks and can be assisted greatly with the introduction of meditation crystals into one’s routine. For more details log onto: www.instagram.com/braencandy/

Teal & Timber

Teal and Timber is all about exquisite hand-painted statement pieces to add elegance to your space. From cushions to trays, sofas and tables, each piece is given special attention to detail to stand out. We are in love with these super cool huroof cushions. Give a little personalised traditional look to your couch with their huroof cushions by having Urdu huroof from yours and your family members names painted on them. For more details log onto: www.instagram.com/teal.timber/

The Delicatessen

Inspired by the lush sweetness of Hunza cherries, The Delicatessen presents their special line of baked goodies. Tarts and galettes with buttery, crumbly crusts, decadent cakes layered with cherry preserve and topped with juicy, fresh cherries and delicious tea loaves with cherries baked into their moist crumb. The bakers will be making the most of this bloom of Hunza’s cherry season (until mid-July!). For more details log onto: www.instagram.com/cosanostralhr/

Jasmine Organics

Jasmine Organics is all about promoting and encouraging the use of natural/ organic beauty and care products. They are an eco-friendly brand which aims to provide the best quality products made with a lot of love and care for the environment and the people. From customised gift crates to herbal shampoos, hair oil, bamboo toothbrush, soaps etc. they offer a vast range of products to suit your requirements. For more details log onto: www.instagram.com/jasmineorganicspk/

The Nostalgia Boutique

The Nostalgia Boutique is the ultimate destination for vintage artefacts, one of a kind curios and up cycled, beautifully repurposed pieces. Breathe soul into your space with rare treasures to make both home and heart sing. Available for delivery all over Pakistan. For more details log onto: www.instagram.com/thenostalgiaboutique/