Rs370 billion set aside for health sector

Rs1.2b announced for cancer, hypertension-related diseases

ADNAN LODHI June 15, 2021


Punjab government has allocated Rs370 billion for the health sector in the annual budget 2021-2022.

In the provincial budget, Rs78.7 billion were set aside for the annual development programmes while the remaining funds were allocated for the non-development expenditures including salaries.

In the Budget 2021-22, Punjab government earmarked Rs106b for the Covid-19 relief package while Rs80 billion was allocated for universal health insurance.

According to the budget documents, Rs10 billion will be spent for the vaccination of Punjab’s population.

Punjab government also announced an allocation for disease prevention.

In this regard, Punjab government set aside Rs78.7 billion budget for Punjab Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD) and Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education (SMHE) Department.

Primary and secondary healthcare

The government announced an allocation of Rs9.5 billion for the P&SHD and introduced new schemes in the sections of blocks, preventive healthcare, primary healthcare, regular, research and development, secondary healthcare and district development package.

A total of 220 new schemes was announced for PS&HD.

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The government will allocate Rs800 million for the prevention and control of Hepatitis in Punjab while Rs400 million was allocated for the AIDS control programme.

Another Rs210 million was allocated for the prevention and control of diabetes, hypertension and cancer disease while Rs1.2 billion rupees was earmarked for the integrated programme of reproductive, maternal health, newborn, child health and nutrition.

An amount of Rs250 million was allocated for the integrated programme of communicable disease control while Rs100 million was set aside to strengthen the TB control programme.

The government announced an allocation of Rs500 million for the Chief Minister’s Stunting Reduction Programme for 11 districts of South Punjab.

Specialised healthcare

Four new schemes were launched by the Punjab government in the budget for the medical education in the province.

The government set aside Rs351 million for the establishment of Nawaz Sharif Medical College, University of Gujrat and uplifting of Aziz Bhatti Shaheed DHQ Hospital at Gujrat.

An amount of Rs350 million was allocated for the construction of hostels with inter collecting bridge at Fatima Jinnah Medical University Lahore.

As many as five new schemes was included in the budget for the SHME Department. Moreover, Rs50 million was earmarked for the establishment of a 100-bedded mother and child hospital in Murree.

The government allocated Rs63.87 million for the establishment of regional blood centre in Faisalabad as well as upgradation of existing blood units in Mayo Hospital and Lahore General Hospital.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 15h, 2021.

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