Best to treat light-hearted stories in a jovial way: Sonya Hussyn

Earlier, on 'Time Out With Ahsan Khan', actor shared how her mother found Shoaib Malik a suitable match for her

Our Correspondent June 04, 2021


In a recent appearance on Time Out with Ahsan Khan, cricketer Shoaib Malik and actor Sonya Hussyn shared a host of information and dished on quite a few topics. The two were invited as guests on the much-anticipated Eid special of the show.

While spilling the beans on the show, Sonya revealed that her mother had previously considered Shoaib to be a suitable match for the star. Talking about how Eid is celebrated in the house, the Saraab star shared she usually makes Shahi Tukray in the morning.

"I'm a very good cook," Sonya shared, to which Ahsan interjected, " How do we know that?" To this, Shoaib quipped, "I know. I have eaten it." What was the dish, Ahsan asked. "Khao Suey," Sonya laughed. Shoaib then went on to praise the star on her exceptional culinary skills and added, "It was so good that I never went back again."

Sonya then shares when Shoaib visited her house for lunch, the former's mother inquired her whether the cricketer is married or not. "My parents are huge fans of Shoaib. When he met them, my mother in a very quintessential way asked me if he [Shoaib] was married or not!" she laughed.

Shoaib then shared he never knew this! "But everyone knows Shoaib is married," Ahsan said. The Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb star shared that her parents are rather unaware of what's happening outside the house. "Throughout the conversation, my mother is only observing Shoaib," she said. "Then she went upstairs and messaged me whether I liked him."

The revelation garnered much social media attention. Now, the actor has shared a clarification. "I bet every girl could relate to the innocent remarks of mothers every time they meet well-mannered friends for the first time," Sonya said in a statement. "This is a very normal practice at my home."

She went on to add, "My parents are very cute, they even asked him if he was an actor. But, who knew that narrating an innocent episode with my mum would be taken out of context and turned into serious news. Shoaib is one of my few best buddies. So, best to treat light-hearted stories in a jovial way because you never know the impact they could have on relationships - especially when de-contextualised."

Apart from marriage, Sonya and Shoaib talked about their careers as well. While Shoaib spoke of inspirations, the Mohabbat Tujhay Alvida was asked why the actor chose complex roles.

“I don’t know if it’s fortunate or unfortunate but I literally get characters like these. Even right now, the series I am doing with Adnan Sarwar has the same thing. The girl has been traumatised in her life and that trauma leads her to harm herself," she shared, adding, "I’m sure you’ve heard of this, you start taking your depression out on yourself These kinds of scripts are offered to me, but I think it’s a good thing. These things are considered rather taboo in our society. Depression and things like that are not discussed. People call the people suffering crazy.”


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