Consistent efforts

Consistent efforts

Raja Shafaatullah May 29, 2021


Recently the UN General Assembly passed a resolution directing Israel and Palestine to put an immediate stop to the fighting. Prior to it, a resolution at the UN Security Council, which was fiercely promoted by our foreign minister, was vetoed by the US. But this is nothing new since the US has vetoed at least 53 UN Security Council resolutions critical of Israel over the past five decades.

However, foreign ministers of Pakistan, Turkey, and many Muslim countries did not give up and pushed for a resolution and a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. A strong joint concerted effort was finally successful but things still hang in the balance.

I think there is a lesson to be learned by everyone here, especially our political leadership. If they persevere and forge unity to help and support the cause of the people, there is no reason they won’t prevail. The same must also be done for the people of IIOJK. Unity and consistent effort will eventually force the world to realise Indian atrocities being committed against the helpless Kashmiris. Such efforts can keep the issue current and alive, which eventually can lead to the UN pressuring India to respect UN resolutions to provide the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir. We must not forget or lower the pressure in highlighting the cause of IIOJK.

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